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    The problem with that is that as a rule, the younger generation refuses to pay the premium prices ESPN commands. These people are same ones having a cow over the $2 increase on Netflix.
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    Pretty good article, written by somebody who usually does a parrot job on what is already known
    Yet Another NASCAR Tradition Seems To Have Run Its Course

    Jay Adamczyk, known far and wide around NASCAR as Jayski, tells me that he is looking for a new home for his stock-car website, which was dropped without much warning by ESPN.com in January after nearly 12 years. He plans to retire, though he says he could still work part-time.

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    Yeah, its great that he wants to try and keep his site alive .
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    All I wanna know is if he will provide links to ESPN stories from reposted tweets? With ESPN following Nascar closely there could be some good information. I had a guy tell me that recently.
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    Jayski continues to live on twitter, apparently ESPN wasn't able to drop that and it continues to be a source of Nascar news. Hope he got to keep all of the data he has gathered, that would be nice if somebody starts another website.
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    Twitter killed Jayski. If Jayski provided a unique service I could see there being a demand for its services.
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    ESPN's last format change a couple of years ago killed Jayski, at least for me. I don't use Twitter, but I stopped visiting Jayski within a few weeks of the format change.

    UPDATE: The original layout was never very polished, but it was efficient and useful.
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    Jayski had twitter and the data before ESPN did their gobble up hatchet job, something they have continued to shoot themselves in the foot with, something sharp deathbedder's are having a field day with lately. All Jayski needs is a place to combine their data and twitter accounts with, but it sounds like Jayski's getting older and only wants to participate in a part time basis..time will tell if it comes back. Somebody might be able to make a buck with it
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    The dumbest one of all is the Fox site. They have nothing but vid clips, it has to be a disaster for phone users with data plans, and it is clunky for ones that don't. They hired Pockrass a talented writer, but he doesn't have any place to plunk an article on it. They hired Harvick and there isn't any announcement on their own website.o_O They did have a good area racetrax that kept race data, but the didn't archive it.
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    My guess is ESPN.com's NASCAR coverage will be nothing more than copy and paste stuff from Associated Press that you can find on any other generic sports site. They figure people will still read it if ESPN.com is where those people go for their sports news. They don't have a vested interest in NASCAR for the time being. That may change again if they find themselves in line for the next television contract, but that's many years off yet for them to care about it short term.
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    They are hemorrhaging money losses, good thing they are part of a mega conglomerate, they would be long gone before now.
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    ESPN ruined Jayski when they overhauled the website. As far as I'm concerned, the Jayski website has been dead for ~3 years.

    :espnsux: :espnsux: :espnsux:
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    I never liked the ESPN format, but Jayski seemed happy enough with ESPN from the start, He was better able to report, but that seemed to be gradually squeezed out. Still like the "Silly Season' concept.
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