Jimmie Johnson to Retire after 2020

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by aunty dive, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Ventisca

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    Still have to settle some business between Chad and Jimmie. Neither have won since the divorce.
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  2. Joker

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    Kurt is 100% driving in 2021 and most likely beyond, he said as much a few weeks ago after drying the ink.

    Ryan signed a multi-year deal that Jayski believes ends in 2021 due to the Oscar Meyer deal.
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  3. Formerjackman

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    It's a matter of opinion, but I'd take Newman every day of the week and twice on Sunday over Stenhouse. I've never been a Newman guy, but other than his age, if he was signed to drive for HMS, I'd be OK with that. I believe he's a guy that's going to give you everything he and the car has without driving it into a wall. I like that in a driver.
  4. Larsonfan1995

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    Newman had 8 wins in a season one year. Stenhouse wouldn't do that even in a Gibbs car.
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  5. Pandaz3

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    To stir the pot, Daniel Suarez might be a good pick. Mr Hendrick seems to know how to select a driver a little better than most. Stenhouse has never been in a good car since Infinity, as Roush faded bad.. The fact that he was able to win two seems miraculous.
    Gee Jimmy says next year is my last season and all the 18's glory went out the exhaust pipes!
  6. LJ7201

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    Crazy how I've been cheering for him my entire life. One of my earliest memories was watching him win the 2006 Daytona 500 and many others centered around watching him win races and championships. I was born in 2001 and my parents were fans of his so I followed suit and really grew up rooting for him as the years went on. He will always be my favorite athlete of all time.
  7. Formerjackman

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    That makes me feel suddenly old. I was watching him three years before you were born.......:eek:
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  8. jaqua19

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    I would too. But I think Newman has been closer to Stenhouse than he has to regular winners in the sport.

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  9. jaqua19

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    Oh wow, that's unreal. I grew up invested in the 2000s generation of NASCAR. I grew up during the 90s and was born in 92. I watched races, but wasn't a die hard knowledgeable fan until 2002.

    I remember watching the 96 and 97 Daytona 500. I remember watching Jeff win his 2nd 500 in 99, and DJ flipping in turn 3. I remember Jeff as the guy, taking the thunder from Dale. I wasn't as invested then as I was in the 2000s, but I can comfortably say that in my opinion, 2003-2007/2008 were the golden years of NASCAR for me. I can say with all my heart that NASCAR was better from 2000-2010 than it was from 1990-2000. Jimmie was the guy who won the most races from 2002-2005, before he won a title, he was arguably the best in the business. From there on out, he's better than anyone I've seen race in my 25 years of fandom

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  10. Clutch

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    Hardly recognize him
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  11. StandOnIt

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  12. jaqua19

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    True champion, driver of the last 2 decades and it's not close. Arguable GOAT.

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  13. AuzGrams

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    Thought it was cool ESPN decided to show a clip of the 48 winning their 7th championship in their sports moments of the decade.

    The falloff has been pretty steep and I've never been a 48 fan but hopefully Jimmie can win 1 more.
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