N'wide race @ Kansas

He's on the pole so he's doing what he can but he's also running out of chances to win 1 or 2.
Could be a caution filled mess today. As for Pastrana, I'll say between laps 30 and 40.
Kyle Busch show ????

Maybe ???


Probably not
Cant Brad K afford a cool helmet or what ?

He tried this one but it wouldn't pass safety standards
what was that, Pastrana around on lap 52? Yep ding ding ding we have a winner in the Pastrana spinathon. 17D500... take a bow.
motorcycle = race car driver...not so far..Carmichael..r.i.p. Pastrana..so far not good.
No but the 3s left front was worn out, down to the threads.
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