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This is a new/old feature that used to be available at Racing reference that is now available on the Nascar website. It allows you to plug in different drivers and allows you to be able to see their rise and fall on the chart. So if you are wondering where your driver went or where did he come from, when they pitted etc. or just to compare their speed with other drivers.
Note this is a direct link. At the Nascar site you have to dig around a bit to find it.
I know local history is important but I am still not sure why the people at Texas Motor (Power Unit) Speedway wanted to have the old Texas School Book Depository relocated and preserved at the Speedway.

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I've basically quit the NASCAR Fan Council, as I'm done trying to voice my opinions as a fan to give constructive criticism. Constructive criticism only works when the recipient is willing to listen, not stick their fingers in their ears and go "We like what we're seeing"
Terrible handicap for a driver. Without his middle finger working, Briscoe has lost his ability to communicate.

If Loudon and Darlington loved each other very much...

In a heterosexual, church-sanctioned marriage over 9 months long, of course.
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