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    If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Awards

    Ever wonder what is on the clipboard he is forever holding?
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    15 years

    Hey guys, just dropped in for a little time. In November it will be 15 for me as well. Haven't posted much for some time now, working long hours. Now I'm retired and having loads of fun.
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    THE END ! Miami

    How about the jump from the old Buckaroo going from last to 7th and jumping over 7. Thanks for those bonus point. And thank you TRL for again doing this. Having done it one year for you I know what's involved. Great job.
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    NASCAR Modified May Be in Trouble

    I remember when NASCAR took over the Southern Modified Auto Racing Tour (SMART) and there was a lot of bickering by the owners. Lots of new equipment was required and that forced some of the teams out of the tour. Insurance was about the only thing that was lauded.
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    See any good movies lately?

    Watched Paranoia this morning before football. Pretty good movie.
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    Veterans Day

    BO, its unfortunate that so many in the mass media find fault in that.
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    What a picture

    There's an Edsel that has backed into it's parking space.
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    What does your screen name mean?

    The wife calls me buckaroo and I call here Maynard.
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    See any good movies lately?

    Watched Bordertown again today to see JLo's nice butt.
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    Texas/Homestead Bonus questions

    1. Uncle Carl 2. No 3. Kurt Busch 4. Kurt Busch 5. 9 6. Johnson 7. Johnson
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    Fifty Shades

    Okay, maybe this has been covered before but here's my take on the first book. In my work, I listen to books on tape/cd through my mp3 player. Over the years I've read/listened to close to 300 books, mostly mystery/suspense novels. When the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out, I had not...
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    NASCAR movie in the works

    Could be a great movie if done right. Allison, Davey, Donnie and Bobby, Kulwicki, Elliott, Ironhead and or Rusty Wallace would be great subjects. One has to remember though that for any movie/story to be interesting, unusual things have to happen. Maybe a movie based on the 1992 championship...
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    The Chrome Horn... cheap shot or rubbins' racin'

    Like all sports, the rules change over the years. Using the "chrome horn" is as old as the sport. In the old days, just about anything goes because the sport was self policed. Once the cost of running a team became more important, owners/drivers began to try and use discretion and not doing a...
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    Sleepy Hollow on Fox

    Watched it tonight and wasn't impressed with it.
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    NCAA Football 2013

    Agreed, but our society is to blame for all of this. We seem to care more that our team wins than anything else.
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