2019 Auto Club Speedway --Auto Club 400 -- Pre-Race Thread

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Johali, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    personally on that super wide track and the package they are running ,it won't make a hill of beans difference where they start from IMO. But the drama of qualifying will be heard world wide.
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  2. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    must have been that new pit road speed limit that threw em off. Tough to cypher all them there extra seconds in there :cuckoo: :rolleyes::p
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  3. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Several ended up better off by not making a lap
  4. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    Stubborness leads to many dumb decisions. What else caused it?
  5. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I like the idea of not clogging up pit road, but I don't see how this will alter what we saw today. Instead of sitting in a wad at pit exit, they'll just sit in their stalls. Instead of rolling off exit with 0:55 to go, they'll leave all leave their stalls with 1:05 left. All this would do is back them up a few hundred feet.
  6. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    My driver ended up in the top 5, he could have made a lap and ended up 12th. I think that quite a few did it on purpose, including the 4 car.
  7. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    That's fine, you can force them to make a lap, but it still won't fix the fact that qualifying at large tracks is now dependent on who you can draft off. The first guy out will still be screwed. NASCAR isn't going to DNQ a third of the field.
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  8. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    They didn't miscalculate. The cars closest to pit exit started moving with plenty of time. Where they all lost time was between pit exit and turn 2, when they were all still below the blend line as required, jockeying to be anywhere in the pack except the doomed front.
  9. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Kyle Busch starts 4th, could have ended up 12 th ....... I have to wonder
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  10. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I've already raised that conspiracy theory back in post #146. If you finish round 2 near the top of the chart, you may be better off if nobody gets in a time for round 3. It's easier to slow them all down than try to outrun them. Again, I'd love to see who was at the front of the pack as they left pit road; were their 2nd round times near the top?

    Look for my special commemorative foil at the Racing Electronics truck.
  11. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    a few hundered feet is crucial with a pit road speed. BUT, regardless, it was a complete failure of the Crew Chiefs not to have a sufficient plan of action. Bottom line.
  12. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    See my post #208, please.

    You also assume all the crew chiefs were interested in getting laps in. The booth crew kept saying the drivers were trying to lock out the cars toward the back of the mob. Why not just keep everyone from running and stand on your round 2 time?
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  13. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    Just watched that little exhibition. They all almost wrecked on the apron trying to race to the flag that would have been already expired by the time they got there.

    Again NASCAR showing how far up their asses their heads are. Maybe they'll FINALLY amend this format the correct way, not just telling them they cannot speed on pit road.
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  14. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    It seems like everyone was waiting on the 3 and the 3 knew they had pole if no one decided to go.

    NASCAR needs to create rules to prevent this from happening. How about a 2 minute warning where everyone needs to leave when the clock gets there? It isnt that difficult.
  15. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    2nd round times stand and nobody ran
  16. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

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  17. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    But Kurt had time to cool it down and make a good run at the back of the pack.
  18. SpeedPagan

    SpeedPagan The iRacing Guru

    They can either go back to single car qualifying, or they can go to heat races. The teams and drivers are to blame for this debacle. However, NASCAR is also to blame for putting this stupid qualifying format in place.
  19. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Judging how Kurt sounded at the end of qualifying, he didn't seem interested in running again even after cooling the car down.
  20. nitetrain

    nitetrain Crew Chief

    I have a question for all you arm chair crew chiefs.

    Lets say your car was qualified in the top six. You all would have been on the radio screaming go? You would have taken the chance on leading the Draft and losing a top six pit choice?
    Right I am sure all of you would have risked your up front spot.
    And before you say it why would someone in the back go when they would be leading the Draft and still start in rear of the Top 12.
    C'mon Spotter 22 you spotted for a cup team. You mean to tell that you would have been on the radio telling your driver to go no matter what even if it meant leading the draft. Right I don't think so. Again tell your idea to Jimmy Spencer and guess his reaction.
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  21. lisa

    lisa Kurt Busch fan

    He'll work his way up.
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  22. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    Yeah this is where NASCAR comes in and prevents this sh!t show from occurring. Instead they encourage it.
  23. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Team Owner

    I still have it on DVR. The first 3 cars waiting at the end of pit row at start of round 2 were the 11, 3, and 95 in that order. Once they started moving however, the first 3 off pit road were the 42, 6 and 3 in that order.

    They finished round 2 at:

    1st = 3
    6th = 11
    7th = 6
    15th = 42
    24th = 95

    Even though he was 3rd while they were waiting at the end of pit road, the 95 was just plain slow getting off pit road and already in 10th by the time they hit the track. Not sure why, I couldn't see anyone holding him up.
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  24. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I can agree with that too.
  25. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I think some of us are addressing two different points again.

    It looks like some of us want to blame the teams and drivers for having no cars complete a timed lap in round 3 at California. Personally, I don't have a problem with no cars finishing a lap. You roll your dice, you take your chances, but if that's what y'all are upset about then you have a case.

    That isn't what I see as the problem. Even if they'd all launched 90 seconds earlier and had time for two laps each, I'd still be unhappy with the entire qualifying session. The problem isn't just round 3 at Cali. It's all three rounds here and at Vegas. This is exactly what I was afraid this package would result in. The races themselves have been good, but the qualifying? I absolutely HATE (a word I don't use lightly) anything that requires a team to plan its strategy entirely around relying on what the others do. This isn't about which crew chief has put together the fastest car or which driver has found the best line and can mat it for a lap on the edge. It's about who gets luckiest in where he winds up in the pack, without even knowing exactly which place in the mob is the one to try to be in. What they do know is making a single car run or being the first car off results in a bad starting position. THAT'S what I see as the problem.

    So force them all to sit in pit stalls instead of the end of pit road. Require them all to be across the pit exit line by a certain time. Mandate they start in the back if they don't run a timed lap. Regardless, they're still going to avoid going out alone or being in the front. They're still going to wait for one sucker to move first and then jockey to wad up behind him. I don't see how that can be avoided using this aero package in combination with qualifying format.
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  26. Cholo

    Cholo Team Owner

    I don't get why they ever got rid of single car qualifying anyway.
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  27. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Multi-car has a couple of TV-friendly advantages. One, Q gets done in a one-hour window. Two, the breaks between rounds permit commercials without missing any on-track action.
  28. Bobw

    Bobw Team Owner

    It was Nascar that instituted this asinine qualifying format. They are solely to blame. IMHO of course
    The teams did what they always do and exploited the rule, the gray area, to their advantage.
    The 'brain' must have come up with this in one of his alcohol and drug fueled weekends.
  29. Snappy D

    Snappy D 2017 Pick Em Champion 2018 Bold Predictor

    I don’t see how anyone can defend that qualifying session. IMO it was a farce for everyone involved but more so for the way drivers and teams were put in that situation. Oh well onto raceday in 24 or so hours.
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  30. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    It is simple to me. Once your car rolls from your parked spot, you are not allowed to stop before crossing the start/finish line. Failure to do so means you have no time and no second chance to do so. If there are 41 cars attempting and you have no time, you pack up and go home.
    Don't allow any games and there will be none.
  31. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Fine. How are you going to force them out of their spots? How will that force them to not wait on someone else to make the first move, especially in the 2nd and 3rd round?
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  32. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    Take the spoilers off for qualifying, that should do it.
  33. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    And then leave them off until the banquet?
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  34. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    Last year of single-car qualifying...sounds like cheers, not boos.

  35. Churchkey

    Churchkey Crew Chief

    I hope NASCAR does not change a thing that Q session was the most fun I ever had
    watching Q. Confusion in the booth to the point of being speechless, drivers confused
    & p'd off, NASCAR playing CYA, everybody here with their shorts in a wad.
    Everything is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Been thinking --- dangerous I know ---- BUT
    What if ---the first 2 rounds would be group q'ing --- THEN
    the last round for the pole was single car?
  37. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    I think the real problem is the discussion of possibly eliminating the Bud Shootout. They all got together to protest.
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  38. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    Someone will always be the first to move under any conditions.
    Round 1. ( All Cars) If you haven't rolled 5 minutes in to time allotted, Your Parked.
    Round 2. ( Top 24) If you haven't rolled 5 minutes into the time allotted Your Parked.
    Round 3. (Top 12) If you haven't rolled 2,5 minutes into the time allotted Your Parked
    In any round if "Your Parked" any times previously recorded are disallowed.
    If you have no time because you failed to make an attempt, you start the race
    held in the pits for one lap.

    Let those who think they can play games try getting around this.
    Oh BTW at the end of each Stage no one gets their lap back.
  39. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Wouldn't it just be easier to shorten the rounds? If you have to roll in the first 5 / 2.5 minutes, why not have 5 and 2.5 minute rounds? Although they'll still bunch up off the line.
  40. Whiskyb

    Whiskyb Team Owner

    I like this

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