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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by LewTheShoe, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Huh? Surely you are not serious?

    Personally, I credit Kez with a mistake for taking the outside lane, thus introducing the possibility Chase might do what he did. Not smart by Kez. But to say Chase did not bump-and-run... well that is flat wrong. That's the kind of stuff that opens Chase up to backlash on here... when his fans look at cut-and-dried events and come up with screwball interpretations like that one.

    I think you should stick with... that's part of the deal, Nascar is a contact sport when the win is on the line, Kez blundered by taking the wrong lane, and Chase moved him to go for the win. You're on firm ground that way, and most everyone can agree with you including me.
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    Podcast: Brad Keselowski says veterans’ jealousy of younger drivers is OK and ‘natural’

    “Speaking of commercials, I’ll never forget, the standard answer at that time was go win a championship and get back to us. When I did win a championship, it was like all right, we’ll do a commercial with your car in it. That’s what the commercial was. You can stand in front of the car and make a pose, but you’re not going to say anything.

    “And now it’s you look out on the landscape and see drivers that have been doing this for years and don’t have any wins or have one win and have five commercials, and you’re like, son of a … “

    Hence, the jealousy and backlash from some veterans about the marketing push toward the group of 20something drivers that includes Kyle Larson, Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, Erik Jones, Daniel Suarez, Bubba Wallace, Alex Bowman and William Byron.

    “Whether it’s me, Kyle (Busch) or anybody, yeah, we’re jealous,” Keselowski said. “It’s OK to admit we’re jealous. It’s a natural human instinct. If the sport had done what it’s doing for these young drivers now when guys like Kyle and I were just coming in, the sport would be in a better place.

    “And with respect to that, I don’t want to come off as not being supportive of NASCAR promoting those young drivers, because I do think it’s good. I agree with it. I completely understand the efforts. I just think they missed really big 10 years ago. In some respects, we’re probably paying for that now. It is what it is. Sitting here and complaining about it isn’t going to change it. You can’t go back in time. But I think it’s also not unhealthy to recognize it.”
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    Brad is my guy on the track. And he does cool things for fans off of it. I think he is a great driver and well spoken usually. I get aggravated when the “horse face” and Mr Ed comments come out when people run out of legit bad things to say about him so it’s odd for me to go here but.....

    I think all he and Kyle need to do is look in mirrors to see why their faces don’t get used much in endorsements. The Lord blessed them with some incredible driving skills but not much in the rugged or angelic good looks dept.
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  4. Team Penske

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    I doubt looks has anything to do with it. Some of the richest women in the world are not what you hope to look at in the morning. Judging people by how they look instead who and what they are is done by people that have nothing to offer in any department.
    Sports writers are generally lazy and will just play follow the leader rather than work hard to make their own stories. Thus when one more ambitious writer works to get a story, most of the others just jump on that theme as to what they think the fans want to hear.
  5. Ford 222

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    Really? Ever pay attention to marketing/advertising? If either had a huge and rabid fanbase like Sr., Jr., or Gordon they would be used more often but they just were not blessed with tv or photo good looks. Fairly certain those are reasons you don't see either in commercials for their products much. Nascar uses them here and there but they need Blaney and Elliott to succeed as they make better looking posters and commercials. Probably why Jones cleaned up some too and got rid of the stringy mullet.
  6. StandOnIt

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    I think both of ya missed the point. Compared to years ago, Gant, Sr, etc. D.W., on and on were promoted in commercials for many things. That pretty much stopped after that period and remained so until recently. Keselowski is questioning the fact that the commercial powers that be or whomever quit promoting drivers. "If the sport had done what it’s doing for these young drivers now when guys like Kyle and I were just coming in, the sport would be in a better place."
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    Used to see Danica all day long, all the Coke guys, Jr non-stop with Mt Dew and Nationwide, Gordon was used a lot in Pepsi stuff and DuPont paints, Until recently Jimmy was in multiple Lowes commercials every year, Michael Waltrip was all over NAPA, Aarons, and ANY of his teams sponsors,.....Drivers that have a face for it are still used. Heck even Fox used that actor (Vanderbeek?) to stand in for Brad for that commercial. It was in jest but still should have told him something.
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    i think brads still sneaking his phone into car while he races.

    what a phone junkie.
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  11. StandOnIt

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    Kez said his launch out of the pit stall was the key to getting ahead of Larson

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    My new avatar...

    Kez 4 Darlington 2018.jpg
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  14. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    As if he and KB talk. I think Kez is playing head games with his favorite target.
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    Nate Ryan of NBC Sports is one of my favorite Nascar reporters, and the article below is an example of why I feel that way. He digs down just a little deeper than some others tend to do...

    Ryan: Some random thoughts while waiting to race after the rain

    Wet weather in Indianapolis has precluded any Cup or Xfinity cars getting on track at the Brickyard this weekend. So in lieu of any Indianapolis Motor Speedway activity, let’s revisit a few postrace musings from the Southern 500:

    If there’s something we’ve learned about Brad Keselowski in a dynamic decade as one of NASCAR’s most outspoken, plucky and cerebral stars, it’s that he rarely ducks a question.

    Any question.

    His feelings about the most divisive of national controversies?

    Keselowski will weigh in firmly but gracefully (and admittedly against the advice of his PR counsel).

    Opinions on head injuries that run counter to the advice of board-certified neurologists?

    Keselowski will strike a recalcitrant tone and remain consistent year after year.

    Big-picture solutions on what’s ailing NASCAR and how to fix it?

    Keselowski devoted his 2012 championship address to tackling them and then was reprimanded for sharing his plan of attack.

    But there was one question in 2018 that had the Team Penske driver intentionally and uncharacteristically shying away from microphones this season. And in the context of the emotionally and politically charged topics that Keselowski has embraced in the past, it seemed rather benign.

    When are you going to win again?

    “I’ve been dodging you so I don’t have to answer it,” he told’s Bob Pockrass after Sunday’s victory in the Southern 500, his first since October 2017. Keselowski admitted it had “weighed heavy” on his mind that he might have to face that question over the final 12 weeks of the season.

    It was striking to hear from a star whose confidence and sense of place within NASCAR are typically immutable. But it was yet another reminder of how fleeting success is and how fickle an impact it has even on someone as self-assured as NASCAR’s first Millennial champion, who now is in his ninth full season in the Cup Series.

    Read the rest here:
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    It's a good year for a Nascar driver whenever he manages to win a 'Crown Jewel' race. It's a great year when he grabs two of them. For Brad Keselowski, 2018 has been a frustrating season that has very quickly been transformed into a great year. Love these victory shots... with Old Glory along for the ride.

    Kez Indy 2018 With Flag.jpg Kez Indy 2018 Climbs Fence.jpg Kez Indy 2018 Climbs Fence 2.jpg
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  17. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    lol That's pathetic. I doubt even sneakers would help him.
  18. StandOnIt

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    Crown jewel I guess. They are big races. But unlike outspoken Harv, KDB or shut down Truex if they won those two , both of those wins aren't pulling much interest from the presses standpoint. But the drivers in the races know your team needs to be hitting on all of them to pull those big wins off. Just in time.
  19. Ford 222

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    He doesn’t play basketball....not sure why this video is even relevant other than to prove you don’t have to be athletic to compete in NASCAR...
  20. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    Agreed, but he looks funny as hell. I still believe he has the best car control in NASCAR.
  21. AndyMarquisLive

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    Brad Keselowski is red hot at the right time.

    That said, I can't remember a situation where someone just got red hot right before the playoffs and in the first round who has gone on to win it all.
  22. StandOnIt

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    Stewart did
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  23. BradBlaney

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    Well I am sure if you put Lebron in a stock car he crashes on the green flag
  24. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    Probably. Driving with his knees behind his ears would be tricky. ;)
  25. bigspud

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  26. Ford 222

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    Guess this is where I congratulate my driver and his team on another win! They've not been the fastest but they have capitalized on everyone else's mistakes AND utilized sound pit strategy. They have been making their own luck. Hope they can continue it 3 more times at the right times......

    Great job team 2!
  27. LewTheShoe

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  28. Fordracing7

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    Pretty awesome to see! Happy that Miller,Discount,Autotrader all got wins too. Gotta keep em happy!!!
  29. Ford 222

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    Yeah that is cool....
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  30. StandOnIt

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    Brad passed Dale Jr with 27 Cup wins with a win at Las Vegas. Brad has finished in the top 5, 5 out of 10 years and 3 of the 10 were part time rides so 5 years out of 7 full time in the top 5. . Kez is in line to do it this year. Pretty good record at Penske.
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  31. StandOnIt

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  32. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    Brad had a huge impact on Penske racing. Before he won the cup championship, none of the top drivers would even consider driving for Rogers NASCAR program. Before Kez signed, and before he won Roger his first nascar championship of any kind, he insisted that Roger agree to beefing up the NW program in order to attract future talent for the cup series. That program has produced a couple of CC's and a few engineers and pit crew. Then Brad put it all on the line and publicly advocated for Roger to hire Logano. I believe he also spoke to Will Power about how to stay focused and stop blowing championship opportunities.

    Kez has left his mark all over Penske racing. I still wonder if Rick made him an offer when he was a free agent.
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  33. rd45usa

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  34. Ford 222

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    Kurt wasn't a top driver when he went there? Rusty? Mayfield was on his way before torpedoing himself. Newman was a homegrown product and had to be considered a star while there (of course he left which may support your stance).

    I didn't know any of that about Brad's but find it hard to believe he made Roger do anything Roger wasn't already doing being he was only a one time winner at that time?
  35. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    I've been told some stories on Donohue, that's honestly quite the hair raising statistic.
  36. AuzGrams

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    Kurt has done well in his stints since Penske, but Brad deserves a lot of credit for where Penske is today.
  37. FenderBumper

    FenderBumper The "good old days" ??

    I was obviously talking about a time frame proceeding Brads arrival. :p

    Newman left, and nobody came calling. Roger mentioned it after Brad won the cup championship. He said something like "Nobody wanted to drive for Penske. Now we are the place to be". Obviously, Roger wasn't talking about the 90's, or IndyCar, or...
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  38. Ford 222

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    Ok. You didn’t specify the time frame but I still say it wasn’t much, if any. They were great when Rusty drove for them, when Kurt drove for them, when the rookie Ryan Newman drove for them, and when Brad joined up. Sure Brad brought something to the table but so did everyone else.
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  39. StandOnIt

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    Penske has always been a contender every since I can remember. It seems Penske like Rick Hendrick picks drivers who are not only good but they fit the corporate image
  40. Team Penske

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    Rusty was a part owner. There were 3 owners during that time frame. Nascar was more hobby for Roger while his main objective was IRL championships. Both guys sold out to Roger and it didn't look all that good for Penske until Brad got going and things got better from there.

    The above is only my opinion, not stating facts.:D
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