College football 2023

Special teams has been the single biggest differentiator so far. When you include the muffed punt Alabama ended up scoring shortly after on, Michigan is net -17 on special teams.
Milroe is more of a great possession quarterback. Not too much for a 3rd and 10.
I would do a play action and count on Milroe scrambling his way in
Welp i think Michigan wins all. Strong enough to overcome their mistakes
Do they do that in the playoff? I figured they keep going from the 25
I assumed they do but I honestly don’t remember any bowl games that have gone that deep since they started it.

I still have nightmares of that Penn State/Illinois 9OT game sometimes.
This is tracking to be yet another great game, but it’s 11:05 PM ET and the second half of the otjer national semifinal is just about to kick off. Wtf are we doing here. The biggest myth we’ve been told was that the new clock rules would sped the game up this year. All they did was reduce the number of plays to increase the amount of commercials.
Michael Penix went to Tampa Bay Tech and USF’s OC at the time didn’t attend his final in-home recruiting visit because he didn’t want a left-handed QB. Probably the biggest recruiting fumble any program has made in the past decade.
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