College football 2023

Didn’t think Washington used enough clock on the possession before, and now Texas have worked their way back into contention with plenty of time to spare.

Ironically it looks like Ewers is throwing better after he seemingly got concussed.
Liberty deserved a shot….. but they did have a weak CUSA resume. It’s a shame Delaware is moving up.

Liberty was the only G5 champ that kept their team intact for the bowls. Miami and Boise lost their starting QBs to the portal, Troy’s head coach upped and left for Tulane, and SMU’s starting QB broke his leg in the final regular season game. What was an already down year for the G5 was made only more difficult at the end of the season.
FCS has had a more competitive / fun brand of football this year.

I would like to see the FCS Championship Game move around to cheap winter destination areas such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Miami, etc.

I think this FCS Championship Game should be on Saturday afternoon before NFL.
I can’t believe programs such as UMass & Delaware would rather be in FBS at the bottom than in FCS where they could make the playoffs like Idaho has done.

UMass & Delaware to the CAA for football only / A-10. In the CAA they would have Villanova, Richmond, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine as rivals over what ever C-USA.

Then Hampton & NC A&T back to the MEAC to make the Celebration Bowl a true HBCU national championship game.
There are predictive ranking systems that would have SDSU as a top 20-25 team in FBS right now. They’re that good.

It’s wild that Oklahoma State have taken the risk of scheduling them to open up next season.
hoo boy strap in for this one, big missed tackle back on 3rd & 5 to extend the drive (had em' stopped gotta wrap up), but Washington is finding some things on offense, gave the upright a buzzcut for 3 lol
It’s looking like another purple team is gonna get run out of the building in the grand finale. :-/
heck of a tackle by Sainristil on McMillan one of UW more dynamic wr's in space to get the ball back btw, those are the types of plays that win games like this but go under appreciated.

Good job to limit the damage by Huskies, they do get the ball first in the 2nd half
That might be as open as Odunze will get all night. Brutal missed opportunity for Washington. Penix doesn’t whiff on that often.
I think Michigan could run it 32 or 33 times in a row again right now. Just don’t see Washington being able to out-physical them up front.
Washington D has tightened up a bit. Good field position right here after that 4th down stop. Better score one before the half.
Crucial sequence for UDub. We got a ball game again. Wonder if Michigan will try to push the ball down the field with 40 seconds left.
I don't agree with the 4th down decision to go for it at all, way too risky on momentum shift, the entire flow of the game is with you, you make Penix go the length of the field on your defense.

Now things could tighten up in a hurry for Michigan after massively outplaying them in the first half.
Michigan is losing a ton after this game, but at least Will Johnson and Mason Graham have to stay in college at least 1 more year
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