College football 2023

All Coasts Conference. There’s your rebrand.

I don’t think it’s a bad preemptive move, because it’s more money in the interim before the members who clearly want out manage to do so, and gives more security when that does blow up. I just hope the dumb idea of Stanford and Cal playing all their Olympic sports matches versus the other coast in Dallas isn’t real. Not fair to those kids not to have conference home games.
The most worrisome thing for me, regarding the ACC, is the likelihood of UNC joining the Big Ten.

The ACC Tournament is basically Christmas in North Carolina. The Carolina/Duke rivalry is easily one of the most dynamic and intense rivalries in all of sports.
3&out for D and a touchdown drive for Colorado. Dunno what the rest of the game will hold but hard not to be impressed with their start.

You know Klatt do fist pumps in the booth lol.
Definitely some interesting developments in Fort Worth…I miss Jimmy Horn and Xavier Weaver already.
Colorado’s skill position players are great. Offense is just super athletic.

Travis Hunter is a workhorse playing two-way in these conditions.
Drake Maye didn’t play his best game yesterday but the UNC defense looked much improved in shellacking Spencer Rattler. I think their schedule sets up really nicely for a potential NY6 bowl.

Texas Tech was held up as a potential Big XII dark horse this off-season and went and lost @ Wyoming in an OT thriller. Baylor also gave Texas State their first-ever win over a P5 team since joining FBS in 2012.

The game of the week between playoff hopefuls LSU and FSU in Orlando tonight should be fun if it’s nearly as crazy as last year’s matchup.
This has turned into a curbstomping. FSU just looks way better and more physical in the second half.
I hadn’t realized the ACC eliminated divisions this season. Could probably wind up seeing Clemson/FSU play each other twice in all likelihood.

I hate to say it but they looked like a playoff team tonight.
South Carolina should have opened the season up with an easy one against Slippery Rock Uni.
IDK what made me happier…the ‘Noles winning or Brian Kelly losing! Once again Kelly was out coached and lost a big game. No playoffs for LSU this year.

Is reckless driving a requirement for being associated with Georgia football
You would think program members literally dying would be a wake up call but apparently not. A dozen violations in less than a year is insane. Culture issue.
South Carolina should have opened the season up with an easy one against Slippery Rock Uni.
They are saving Furman for this weekend.

I’d probably like a tuneup game in week 1 if I were a head coach or AD but I like schools that play important games to start the season. This year’s week 1 felt as weak as I can remember since maybe ‘06 or ‘07 as far as ranked vs. ranked or P5 vs. P5 games. I get it though.
Garrett Riley was supposed to be the answer for Clemson’s offense but Duke are doing a great job shutting it down so far. Just some really unfortunate turnovers, hard to pull off a big upset with those.
Clemson fans:

They are going to be missing Trevor Lawrence for a long time. I think they are really missing Brent Venables too.
All while the ACC is looking like a tougher conference this year at least at the top.
Duke dominated them and Florida State is currently a top 5 team.
While not an ACC team USC was also able to beat them late last season for the first time in many years.

I think Clemson wiil be an 8-3 or 9-3 team this year.
Good thing this was in Alabama. If it was in Texas, fans would’ve rushed the field, and they would be fines.
Good for Sark. I think I believe in Texas for real this time.

The SEC has pretty much lost every single important OOC game they’ve played. Will it matter come December? Probably not.
For the first time in what seems like a decade Ole Miss finally dominated a second half after a bad first half at Tulane

The o-line is the glaring issue of the team, the run game was non existent in the first two quarters. Hopefully they can piece something together before Bama in two weeks.
Notre Dame matched the 1992-1995 FSU win streak of 29 straight ACC wins. No matter who you play, that’s a remarkable winning streak.
Mel Tucker is going to get fired from Michigan State and lose his massive contract because he decided to tug himself off on a phone call with an SA activist/rape survivor. WTF?!
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