College football 2023

I might not leave the couch all day

I like the way you think

Oregon @ Washington in a few weeks is going to be absolutely electric.

Colorado had to be humbled eventually, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond now that the hype train has derailed. Another really tough one with USC next week and not many reprieves on the rest of the PAC-12 slate after.
I think he is going to turn them into a yearly powerhouse. Dion already has the name and recognition that should lead up to putting together some of the best recruiting classes anywhere.
Welp that didnt go to good.....
Welp that didnt go to good.....
Their preseason win total O/U was like 3.5 I think, so they’re pretty much ahead of schedule. For as bad as that program has been, going to a bowl in year 1 would be a massive success. They have a lot of work to do building out the trenches and that takes multiple seasons.

The Big XII will also be a step down competitively and as wide open as any league starting next year with Oklahoma gone.
In 1973 my brother and I got our own TV set. It was a 13 inch black and white set and everything in life seemed perfect.

Then we watched the Sugar Bowl on that set on the date of December 31st 1973. Notre Dame led by Ara Parseghian beat the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide that was led by Paul Bear Bryant by score of 24-23

I still have not forgiven them Notre Dame Sombitches

As I matured I did some soul searching and wondered about some of my attitudes, enough to question the merits of my contempt for the fightning Irish. I was only wanting Alabama to win the game for Bryant but I was born near Athens on a Saturday night while the Dawgs were playing. My mom said I caused the doctor miss their game that night, and I always believed I had to make it count.
So Georgia was actually my favorite SEC team long before Herschel Walker ever made the team.

Then in 1990 I found myself in South Bend on a buisness trip and it gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate matters. As it turned out the town only had one strip joint and it was a real dissapointment . That confirmed matters to me. I was right all the time.

So, I still have not forgiven them Notre Dame Sombitches

Go Buckeyes.
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