Daytona 500 RACE thread

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by TexasRaceLady, Feb 18, 2018.

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    Short day at the track for me today, left right after Chase knocked the wall down. I'm not one of those multiple driver/multiple team guys, once my guy is gone I'm not far behind. Getting a jump on the traffic was more important than watching it play out the rest of the way lol. I still haven't seen a replay, no idea whose fault that was. My initial reaction was it was just a racing thing and 2 guys going for it.

    All of the talk about the blocking is overboard. I can tell you for certain Chase was receiving a ton of late/last second calls from the spotter stand to defend his position. That's what you gotta do in it these races, the field is far too even and it's no longer a simple task to work your way thru the field - all while avoiding incident.

    I believe it was Harvick early in the week that said this package was going to lend itself to cars getting huge runs which meant your window to defend was that much smaller. This held true all week long, even in the Clash. I for one thought it made the racing fantastic.

    On to Atlanta next weekend!
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    Hmm, interesting stat
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    He was there.
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    Dont forget Mikey Waltrip’s win on the 18th in the trucks.
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    Only because i'm a fan of CGR, but where the hell were they today? McMurray finished 16th and Larson 19th? That's only because half of the field wrecked out too. I hope this is just CGR "giving up" on superspeedways to focus on their mile and half cars, but it's going to be a long year if they can't even break the top 10 in at the superspeedways.

    Props to the 12, 10, 21, 43, and 32 today!
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    Just finished watching the race. Had to pvr it. First time I haven' watched the 500 live in 25 years. Thought it was a fantastic race. Most I've enjoyed one start to finish in ages.
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    I know McMurray got damage in the Kyle Busch wreck and I think Larson was in one of the big ones
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    And now we only have to wait three, five, and seven more weeks until real racing returns.
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    Rhymes with air.
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    After everything I’m glad to put speedweeks behind us and move on to Atlanta. It been fun the past week in our threads, and even though it’s usually a mess on track, it’s still one of my favorite race weekends. See you all next week
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    Sitting HIGH up in the stands today, section 480. Wow, felt I was going to tumble right over and spilled onto that track WAY down there! Got over that and loved the seats and the race.

    Now, the results were crazy, but hey, that’s Daytona. So glad Hamlin didn’t win. Austin moved Aric to win, which is always a controversy. When it’s your guy spun you’re mad, but when it’s your guy winning you’re glad. My guy Chase was rubbed then spun like a bottle; my guy Blaney bumped Kurt when the 41lifted throttle and put himself in a mess; my last guy Bubba hung in and got second.

    Daytona is a giant circus show at 200MPH. Almost impossible to predict the finish.
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    You guys are missing the party at Tijuana flats. Trophy is here and Austin was popping bottles. Party will probably last til 3 am.
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    My picks were Blaney, Harvick, and a sentimental pick for Bubba. So in the end Bubba is knocking on the door...damn impressive debut. What I liked was how he drove out of situations several times, while running near the front most of the day. Several times following pit stops he drove himself from mid pack to the the front. He didn’t drive like too many rookies I can remember.

    Here’s hoping that Wall Street doesn’t sleep on the new kid on the block.
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    Yes because that's the same :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday was also the 28th Anniversary of Derrike Cope's Daytona 500 victory. So 28 years ago, the 3 car blew a tire on the last lap allowing the 10 car to win, yesterday the 10 car crashed on the last lap allowing the 3 car to win.
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    Blocking isn't racing. But that is how the plate tracks have evolved. I am impressed when I see the drivers running at speed, close together, on the edge of control. Mistakes, aggressive driving, and blocking caused a lot of wrecked cars (I wonder if small teams might start skipping the plate tracks). The end of the first segment was run like the end of the race; the second segment was much more reserved. I still hold my breath during the end of pate races. I was thinking during the race that the amount of blocking would not be tolerated at other tracks and when it came down to the last lap the tolerance ended (I don't blame either driver for how it turned out).

    I was enjoyed with Bubba's post race interview. The King told him not to wreck the car - at a plate track; the King must have a sense of humor.
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    I gotta head to the airport at 4:45am. I had the bright idea that I’d just stay up. Terrible plan. Damn Im sleepy.
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    Funny reading through the thread. Wide range of emotions and takes that's for sure. I thought the race was excellent myself. Lots of action, didn' go single file for the majority of the race. Few wild moves that caused some big wrecks. Lots of young guys doing a great job ( Blaney, Wallace, Bowman, Elliott, just to name some). Wild finish. Bit of a classic if ya ask me. Oh and come on guys Dillion goin for the Daytona 500 on the last lap, and people on here saying he coulda lifted lol. I was pulling for Almirola on the last lap too.
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    They won't skip the D500; the paycheck is too big, even for last place. I doubt they'll skip the other three either; it's their rare chance to have the playing field leveled for them.
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    Yup Larson lost a big chunk on the front right side
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    Not a big fan of AD at all, in fact he falls in the category of drivers I would least like to see win..But that said, congratulations are in order. He didn't do anything that hasn't been done before to win the race. He did what he had to to win the Daytona 500. He is racing at the cup level, so of course he has talent. He also can sling a dirt modified with the best of them. I am not gonna cheer this guy on, but he does deserve some credit...and so does pop pop I guess.
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    When he was running, I think he had the best speed in the field at 202+ and was just hanging back waiting for time to go forward . Ended up with a damaged car and a non factor. T
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    He came in second because he didn't wreck the car (until after the finish. thanks Hambone). Petty won 10 Daytona's that way
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    Best car winning every week would be boring as hell
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    Those complaining about the wrecks are the same ones that would be complaining that everybody riding around was boring. Cant win
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    This. All day.
    I'm convinced some people on here can never enjoy a race. Whatever happens the exact opposite would of been better. Wrecks are part of racing. As long as no one gets hurt what' the big deal. Yeah it sucks when the guy you pull for gets caught up in one but it' not the end of the world.
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    Wrecking excessively and on purpose...see Dillon, isn't real racing.
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    Its as real as it gets.
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    Keep thinking that...those rose colored glasses are getting rosier. Viewership was down quite a bit this year, I'd say I'm not in the minority in thinking that was crap.
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    Yeah, why even run the race if that was the case. Might as well just give the trophy to the pole winner and call it a weekend.
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    If more races were like yesterday viewship wouild go up. Viewership is down because alot of the races are dull the last few years and some of the most popular drivers retired. It has nothuing to do with wrecks.
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    You sure about that?

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