IF game

If he just caught a glimpse of Tony Stewart's hair, then Tony Stewarts hair will run away
If Tony Stewart's hair runs away, then he could still grow a pretty sweet burlyhillbilly beard...I'm for it.
If we would all have slick faces, then a lot of people would be happy.
If a lot of people would be happy, then George W. Bush wouldve been kicked out of office
If George W. Bush is kicked out of office, we get more taxes and less decency.
If Arnold Schwarzeneger is out of a job, then Michael Jackson might become the next governor of California.
If California is doomed for sure, then Mel Gibson armed with swords, Danny Glover and an M1 Abrams battle tank will come and save it.
If i get that place to sleep race weekend....Then i will bail you out! :lol: B)

**Boy that looks better then what was there before**
If i dont have to pay a ton for a hotel, then maybe I can also save a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.
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