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    If your rig is 30' or less this is a great place.Plan well ahead, several month's if you can, and get an online reservation at Tomoka State Park Campground. It's North of the track on the Halifax River. It's an easy 15- 20 minute drive from the track. They have power and water hookups and we always reserve early enough to get a spot next to a bathhouse/restroom. At $24 a site you can't beat it. I started reserving the campsites for our June trip from here (Florida) to Oregon and back last Sept.
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    I can't remember how to upload pics directly from my phone here........
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    A8B7817C-2341-4E28-B817-1D8D2AE57DC3.jpeg 7A3B7EBA-4E09-457D-BB26-1931B23CFE3B.jpeg 2BBEA632-EC92-4228-BEB8-4F14C80BA98B.jpeg 46CF9A18-589F-4153-A812-0184FDC33EF3.jpeg Not exactly a race experience but walked around the old Nazareth Speedway yesterday. What a shame, was a really cool track.
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