SiriusXM's NASCAR Radio - Today's, not so hidden, agenda.....

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by dpkimmel2001, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Back n the day the distance "between" some of the timing lines were farther away then others. A driver could use that extra distance to their advantage, but you couldn't speed thru any of them. You could speed partly in a larger one but the driver had to slow down under the limit enough to make the time/distance within the allowed tolerance.
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    that isn't how it works, you can't speed thru one set of timing lines and make it up on the other. If he said that he is wrong. you have a problem with that or believe it, that is your opinion.
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    I wish I still had my subscription on days like today
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    Discussion yesterday on Bagley and Pistone's show about what good racing really is.....Noah Gragson started it with a tweet. I have ranted about this before, but what the hell does that say about all of the comments about "good racing" if the question had never been asked? They passively went after Gluck's poll as damaging in that it tries to objectify something that really is opinion based. I really don't have a problem with the rule changes, but if those changes are rooted in fans' search for "good racing", and nobody has ever asked just what that is, where the hell are we heading....and why?
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    I'll be heading to Sonoma in June to see a good race. :confused:
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    ....and you will be guaranteed to see one because the only thing necessary for a great race is the green and the checker.
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