Storage building

To be clear, old roof is in sections on trailer. Parts are 4x8 with shingles still on. Need to cut those up to size I can handle. Probably use recip saw.
Cobbled together a stop block system so can cut stuff close to same length. Have the frame all cut. Found the 2x4 that had it all twisted out of shape. Looks like a drill bit. Storms supposed to be coming plus I started sweating.😳🤪😓

Also found the level works great for measuring stuff 24" & under right on the saw.

Did I mention I suck at this?


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It's starting to look like doesn't matter if I finish this or not. Putin is fumbling around with the nuke button. At least where I'm at, it'll be pretty quick.
Ok. Rain delay attempt. Not so good. Apparently all the long 2x4 I have are twisted. Clamp a 21 inch between to make a 6 foot x 2 foot box and one corner lifts 1.5 inches. It's not that cross members aren't cut square. Can sight down 72 inch long 2x4 and see they are twisted. I CAN just tack the 24" on end with everything lying flat. Gonna have to assemble so it's square & plumb even if the corners don't look right. One picture shows a screwdriver under the stringer. It's insane how far it twists. I tried flipping & flopping boards to no avail.


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Might take a trip to Wake ReStore and see if they have an straight 2x4. Only need 4. I CAN hack it together so it's functional but would like to build something that looks & functions properly. Main thing I need it for is to disassemble air conditioners and clean them out before they break something in them.
Stupid simple way to convert a regular bench for temporary miter saw use. Only about 45 seconds of build, rest is him yapping. This is exactly what I was planning to do. I need a bench with a vise for whatever. Would also like to put the saw somewhere and leave it. Gonna end up with 14 feet of "bench" when all done.

OH...found how to get the twist out. Boiling water and a towel. I'll screw two legs on then clamp it down with wedges/blocks under low end to twist. Think I know what I need to do..
My back situation is so weird. When I swing my legs over side of bed to get up, most of the time when transitioning to standing, feel like I've gained 100-500 lbs. Brain is telling my body/glutes/whatevers...GET UP! Body says...doing all I can. Absolutely struggle to get 1.5 steps to bathroom door opening for support. Not particularly painful, just nerves won't fire the muscles.

Bounced out of bed yesterday like I was 12. Felt like I weighed 50 lbs. But by the time I got breakfast cooked (eggs & toast) after washing cup/saucer/plate/spoon/fork & butter knife...back was done. Hurting at belt level like I'd been bending over for 3 hours with 200lb MIL on my shoulders. <I don't have a MIL/just an illustration>

Maybe 10 minutes from feet hitting floor to misery. See lots of physical therapists on YouTube recommending doing back bends. Arching back/pelvis in a direction I just can't move. I DID find can do it somewhat when lying on my side. Did that the night I popped out of bed like Jagger. Tried that again last night. Woke up @ 5AM miserable. Finally drug self out of bed around 1100AM.

Just killed. I'm about done.
Attempted to take about 1/2 load of roofing debris to dump. Local place says can't take it because land my trailer is on doesn't belong to me. Sent me to a larger dump. You have to cross scales. Dump truck on scales and long line behind him all coming OUT of dump when I pulled in so I attempted to circle the scale house to ask what I was supposed to do/where to go. Woman running place was completely perplexed at the question. Finally said minimum 2 ton charge. I swear I thought she said $140! But maybe $40? Either way, not paying that for what load I had. Back home. I'll take whole trailer load and see what can do with it.
So... attempting to untwist some 2x4. Have a sort of traction device setup. Will let it sit till probably 6 or so and see if it did anything. Not too thrilled about trying to boil water. Just put it in a reverse twist and let the sun work on it.


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First picture is about 1/2 assembled upper part of bench. You can see that far end is full thickness of 2x4 off the surface. Second picture is my attempt at wood chiropractic maneuvers. Third is roof debris I took took for a road trip. 4th is other side with legs attached that is also twisted about the same.

Have 2 more to untwist.
Still wobbly. Put a wedge under back leg. Need to put cross members in and notch & reinforce stringers for bench vise. Last will be the lid.


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Think I decided how to mount vise. No notching required. Tomorrow is another day. Back was pretty good today. At least stayed same from time feet hit floor to now. Let's see if it makes it thru Truck race.
So I did a thing. Several changes of plans later it's starting to come together.


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Originally planned to put bench in far corner. Needed a spot for air compressor though. Decided to put compressor next to shelves so can cover it with tarp. Hadn't put shelves in bottom of bench and that worked out great for now. Put couple plastic totes of stuff under which serves as a shelf. Vise & miter saw are just setting in place with loose bolts. Thinking about using MDF for bench top. Has 1/2" plywood for now. Have another piece of that plywood but like how smooth the MDF is & so easy to wipe off without splinters. Really need to drag bench back out and paint it. Carpenter bees are fierce here. LOVE that fresh wood. Apparently they don't bore treated or painted wood.

Not sure if going to put up pegboard? I have zero luck getting pegboard hooks to stay in place. Do need more 12/2 to run more outlets. Have plenty of boxes & outlets just ran out of wire. Have plenty of 14/3 but would rather make it all 20amp capable.
The greasy box with 2x6's on it was a shipping crate I converted into a step for working under truck hoods. Flop open side down, step. I put 4 old creeper wheels on one side so could move it around easier. Then realized it was handy as a mini bench for under the vehicle when on a lift. Or when changing fuel pump in a gas tank would set the tank on it. Perfect height. Need to decide what to do with it. So greasy it's probably a fire hazard.
Unless I find a 6 foot by 26ish piece of MDF at ReStore, that ain't happening. Not gonna spend 50 bucks on a full sheet. Am gonna change the vise mounting though. Need a 2x6 to make a "back splash". Hate when stuff rolls off back of bench and will also work as a surface to clamp the stop for miter saw to cut multiple boards same length. Much cheaper/easier than T-track.
Turns out a 3/8 thread is unobtanium. At least I can't find them at an affordable price. I'm sure McMaster-Carr/Grainger or someplace like that has them but the shipping would be 3 times the cost of the parts.

Went to UPS & shipped Amazon stuff back then went to Lowes and bought EXACTLY SAME THING I RETURNED...DOH!

5/16 thread is all I can find with tangs. They DID have a 3/8 that has holes for three retaining screws. The 5/16 is fine for the miter saw just wanted 3/8 for the vise. I'll go back to original idea on vise & bolt it to 2x8 and attach that to bench with 4 bolts. Will make it so can remove vise in about 30 seconds to make bench surface clear or to move bench.

For Aunty:

Found out my sign-up date for Medicare is Sept 1th. <inside joke with my dead dad>

There IS a "free clinic" not far from me that requires about as much paperwork as buying a house. I think it costs $25 visit. Close enough to free. I may take a run at them next week and see how long the process takes. Be a shame to bite-the-bullet right before I get Medicare. They recently moved and website isn't functional yet.

Hmmmm? If you scroll to bottom and read the eligibility requirements...Yikes.

Eligibility guidelines:

  • All patients must be under the 200% poverty level
  • Live in Wake, Franklin, Nash or Johnston counties,
  • Have a chronic disease i.e. Diabetes, HTN, Thyroid Disease, High Cholesterol, Asthma, etc.
  • Each patient must provide proof of address, photo ID, social security card and income verification.

Have to get rid of the old roof on trailer. Need to cut in up in pieces I can handle. Then push this over on the trailer and chop it up too. Dump has 2 ton minimum so might as well get my money's worth. I'm guessing guy that built old shed scrounged lumber to do it. What a mess. IKEA would be jealous.


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Cut the stuff up on trailer. Hopefully it won't try to blow off. Got new internet bill. I think this lasts till August then it will go up to $75 month minus 30 government is paying. Which is wrong. I qualify for Spectrum 100 Plan which is $29.99. Should be free. May have to shut it down for a month and start over.


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I put some good plywood over the construction debris on trailer and strapped it down. I think it'll ride. Put a large tarp in trailer before throwing stuff in. Let tarp hang over sides so stuff wouldn't fall out thru sides.
Replaced broken light. Only one element worked. Voltmeter said had voltage. Busted out the Power probe to verify what I already knew. Ground. These cheap lights ground thru mounting bolts. Loosened nuts slightly and wiggled light and bingo...she all works.


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Added layer of semi rotten plywood to bench. Need to get bolts for saw. Going to change mounting/location of vise. Or maybe just slide bench back over and build another probably 4-5 foot wide but 4" shorter for the saw?🧐🤪🤪🤪


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Second visit from my friend. Last time went down the drain which assume that's how it got in. This time used a Hardee's coffee cup to catch it and take out on the porch.


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Second visit from my friend. Last time went down the drain which assume that's how it got in. This time used a Hardee's coffee cup to catch it and take out on the porch.
There is one consolation and that is, they don't eat much. But they do sh1t on everything. 😁
I put baby in the corner. It's about as hacked up a carpentry job as you'd ever see. Have to rebuild at least 8 foot section of that wall around window. Hopefully get somebody that's better at wood butchery to help. Put the wallboard back over the plumbing too. I figure best way to get it to freeze is but closing it back in. So I didn't. Been almost 10 years like that. Doesn't bother me at all.


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Man you have to be quick on the editing now. Need to create storage space. Eliminating TV stand did it. Maybe find an old entertainment center to adapt for storage?
Need to revamp this catastrophe too. Maybe get a TV stand that has TV mount? This stuff is such a catch all.


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Guess moving TV deletes login to stuff. Had to log-in to FloRacing and as usual took 5-6 tries with same password. Now i wait for the 6PM EST race to start. It's 6:30 and ain't nothing happening.
Woo-Hoo! Medicaid fully approved. Cataract surgery getting scheduled. Medicaid already reimbursed my Part B payments for Dec & Jan and will pay it going forward. My Medicare Advantage Dual Complete Plan gives me $305 a month to pay utilities. buy groceries, some other stuff. Already set-up the utility bill portion. The processing company sends actual paper checks! Had $69 (giggity) left for other stuff. Probably use at Walmart.

I will buy a mattress in a few months.

What should I expect to pay for a decent/good Queen size? 800-1000? Recommendations? Likely be my last mattress.
Has $127 left on the uCard for other stuff. Plus SSA seems to have put 3 times the Part B in my bank account. Says one time payment on SSA. I can't wait to get my eyeballs overhauled. Looking forward to it. (pun intended)
OK. SSA paid 499 for Nov-Jan reimbursement. I'd forgotten they debited the Part B in Nov for December. Runs a month off. Ordered some earball treatment stuff for my Tinnitus. Flux capacitor stuff. Found it seems to help. Still waiting for new MA Plan card for Dual Complete. Need to go to dentist and get remains of one tooth that long ago disappeared. Dr Pepper about as bad for your teeth as meth. Plus have a wisdom tooth that needs removed. Paid to get them done nearly 20 years ago. Guess dentist couldn't count. SSA, when individual has "extra help" (Medicaid) from state, changes your benefit date to 3rdish of month. Mine was 2nd Wed of the month. Will have little over 500 month left over after paying everything.

All the above is the good news. Now...for the rest of the story. Live in 13 trailer mobile home park. Landowner is really nice guy. Only issue is he's 84. He doesn't own any of the trailers. My concern is...he's 84. About 1/4 mile that-a-way, a developer has plans/approval for 400 houses. About mile away, 3 story apartments going in beside the Food Lion. Landowner has 40ish acres of farmland. I'd say 35 ready to build week. Dreading when landowner kicks off and daughter, who's supposed to keep the park open, sells everything off and moves to Florida. I kinda hope he outlives me. But I doubt it. Just a feeling. He's out and about all the time. He's as healthy as an 84 year old could ask for. But also known to do stuff on an OLD tractor. YIKES!


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Tough situation to be living on the edge of a knife. Sucks knowing if, or when, the old guy boots the bucket the park will be sold. Seems like early planning your next move now is the right direction because once the chips fall in place might be too late and more difficult to find new digs. It is much more difficult to work when dealing with time constraints.

In a park about seven miles distant, the owner put the property up for sale and gave notice the residents had three months to clear out. For many, they had no place to go and no idea where to go. Many were on limited income and unable readily find other living accommodations. Some left all their belongings and went north to live with family. One family left brand new appliances, a golf cart and large screen telly. Sad the difficult position people get into in some cases through no fault of their own but at least you have time on your side. Until the old guy packs it in. :rolleyes: Then, who knows? (The Shadow?)
Got all the construction debris hauled away. The local recycle center ran me off since I don't technically OWN the trailer. Just more Wake Co bull****. Had to go to dump that charges. $157 for one load on trailer. Doubt it was 1000lbs. Minimum 2 ton charge. Ouch!
Went to Wake ReStore and bought 16 foot piece of crown moulding. They said, 50 cent foot. I said how about 10 dollars? SOLD!🤪 Going to create indirect lighting in living room. LED strip lights. I'm back stripping again...
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