The future of the WEC

Conway didn't even get a lap in the 7 today, so it really wasn't for him. Guess he will
be well rested for the 31 Whelen tomorrow.

I dont get these guys taking apex risks when they have a nice long straight
just a couple seconds ahead. Mainly when prototypes are passing GT's.
Wow, Lopez is in the 48 tomorrow. Hope he has better
luck than he had today in the 7.
Red flag for lightning. They tried to restart them and there was more lightning. We're right at about 30 minutes from the end and they are still hoping to finish. The commentators were making jokes about Abu Dabi, but let's hope they don't screw this up too.
Yep, I think they called the race.

Wait no, they are getting going. Interesting, lets see if they get anything in... Are they making the lap to go to the paddock? This is all wild.
Wait, was that Sean Galel?

Dude has turned into a pretty damn good sportscar driver. Good to see, he brings in an influx of cash, but he's seriously quick in LMP2.
Race is checkered flagged at 16 minutes to go. Not a very satisfying way to end a race and Alpine deserved better. I'm not complaining because you can't race in a thunderstorm.

This wasn't IMSA level of entertaining, but it was still jolly good. Hopefully the Peugeot will join the series after lemans and then we'll have something much more interesting. WEC is getting better.
One thing I enjoyed was seeing the drivers out
of their cars during the red just chatting with the
other drivers. It was cool seeing Kubica for a split
The Toyota can sure take a beating. Lopez' hit a car and then the wall, and was still fast enough to have yet another big crash. I'll bet if that thing landed on it's wheels Lopez would have gotten it back to the pits! I'm never going to be critical of that car for not being safe enough.

If it weren't for Aston we probably would have never had hypercars. This is the kind of thing that happens when you count on manufacturers.
Hard to tell with the camouflage paint scheme, but the new Portsche looks pretty much like a generic LMP2 car. It's very generic and conventional.

More Porsche LMDh testing.............

I think we knew Penske would lead the P2 class before long. Way too many resources to be racing in a privateer class, but at least we have a small hope they can fight the hypersleds, or maybe pick up a win by attrition or something.

Wait.......... what?

Race has been pretty good, so far. Red Flag currently as the ARC Bratislava car driven by the owner, Miro Konopka, has binned it.
The #8 Toyota had an electrical issue and had to retire.

Buemi has to jump out of the car, if you step out the car normally... Well, you'll be transferred to the big race track in the sky.
Robert Frijns might run away with this if it stays wet.

LMP2 are quicker than the HyperCars in the wet, it looks like.
Man, Derani has been impressive in the wet out here.

I would not be surprised to see Derani in the Glickenhaus more often than not because he was faster than the Toyota and Alpine in this weather.
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