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    Dickies 500

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    Soccer women are violent

    And here I opened this thread looking forward to you discussing your latest date... ;)
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    It appears that after every race recently there's someone that wants to change the rules or change the car or the length of the race or something. I just don't understand why fans can't accept the rules as they are. The drivers do.
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    Bonehead of the Week: Texas

    It was lap 3.
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    The Old Man

    I didn't even know you had been dating a 20 year old. Congrats on the marriage...
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    Fork lift driver fail The real shame is the boxes were filled with vodka and cognac.
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    2010 Corvette

    Do you often hope to find fairies in your driveway? Maybe the next gay pride rally will take notice...
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    Actually in some instances you would be wrong. As close as the driver sits to the wheel, large breasties could get in the way. Bind up the wheel making turns more difficult. Just like the reason why old men don't make good drivers. Their sacks keep getting in the way of the brake pedal.
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    And you know this how? Have you sat down with him and had a conversation or is this just you projecting on him the negative emotions of others? And for everyone, lots of drivers don't show emotion in victory lane. Do you hate them as well? They run down their corporate shill litany. Yet...
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    Well I did leave that part out but you are right. I suppose they are trying to be relevant to today. Whereas 25 years ago it was the cancer scare. Dianna or Anna?
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    So its in NY and not LA. The PR spokesperson is a man and not a woman. The woman villian is named Anna and not Dianne. The Marc Singer character is now a woman cop. Willie is now a black guy who's been here under cover for a long time. I'm not sure if the son (name??) is the new Robin or the new...
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    Well I watched the new V, eh. Not impressed. It seemed like they tried to cram too much into the 1st show without good character development.
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    Got myself a little one today, maybe tomorrow too

    Look he's only 5 years old! Just like you Canucks thinking their kids should be in HS already. Let him enjoy being a kid for a little while before you heave him out into the cold to fend for himself... ;)
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    Scyfy showed the 4 1/2 hour miniseries followed by the 3 part The Final Battle. Then Monday and Tuesday they showed the TV series, all 15 episodes. The miniseries was pretty good but you could tell that the TV version they weren't spending no where near the money. The visual effects and even the...
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    Political Joke

    The BHO Administration outlook while in office No matter how much I promise I know I can deliver squat and my base still loves me.
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