2019 Clash RACE thread

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by TexasRaceLady, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. DSquad48

    DSquad48 Wizard/Mall Santa

    Pretty sure the two of them had a run in at a plate track last year as well
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  2. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    I could argue he didn't see the incident very well. I believe it was the third replay before DW said it was Johnson's fault. I could say some are just looking for anything to complain about. I know I was convinced when they got around to showing a replay from the back before I knew for sure Menard didn't come down but a bit and it looked like Jimmie's car pulled him over and lifted him up.
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  3. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Speak for yourself
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  4. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    I must be terrible to have two small dogs yapping in your ear 24-7 :lol2:
  5. Snappy D

    Snappy D 2017 Pick Em Champion 2018 Bold Predictor

    It’s not relevant to anything, why are you even coming up with a number for attendance for an exhibition race that’s not even a full field.
  6. Snappy D

    Snappy D 2017 Pick Em Champion 2018 Bold Predictor

    Don’t give anyone any ideas lmao. Ugh.
  7. DSquad48

    DSquad48 Wizard/Mall Santa

    Time to resurrect this gem

  8. Formerjackman

    Formerjackman Team Owner

    Jeff Gordon should not be in the booth because he has a financial stake in Hendrick Motorsports, not because he doesn't know what he's talking about.
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  9. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    I just did bud
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  10. gnomesayin

    gnomesayin Team Owner

    He ain't talking about you. Sorry he called you that, wasn't necessary, but he's aggravated about trying to post usefully amongst the troll blabber about attendance this and ratings that. You may be insane ;), but you are not a troll.
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  11. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    Half ass drivers? lol. ok. As for what you paid for a ticket, thats up to you. They had many tickets under 50 bucks, hell they have tickets for the 500 for 100 bucks! Compare that to a damn pro football game.
  12. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner

    Critical Thinking is what leads to the truth that he has a financial stake in HMS and that THAT compromises his position as an impartial and neutral analyst/reporter providing commentary. Sorry if that wasn’t clear... :)
  13. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    Looks like we're going to have ourselves a hell of a year on here. 10 pages on a race that didn't go 150 miles. Just wait until Jimmie inevitably wrecks himself next Sunday, and the aero bitch races beginning at Atlanta. :)
  14. BobbyFord

    BobbyFord Resident Gearhead Contributor

    We need an “Everything’s Great” sticky for the deniers.
  15. IanMcVittie

    IanMcVittie Team Owner

    I’m surprised there are still tickets available for the 500.
  16. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    Who said they were still available.......bud
  17. AdoubleU24

    AdoubleU24 Team Owner

    I paid $50 for a $120 ticket because I've been going there long enough to know that that is possible if you just wait. Some people don't know that and the track is taking advantage of those people by setting those crazy high prices. I have an issue with that when the product is subpar and watered down compared to their other events.

    I wasn't talking about the 500. But as a comparison to your example, is the NFL charging $120 for a preseason game? Cause that's essentially what The Clash is. Except it lasts half as long.
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  18. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    Ah yes, what you see here is the effects of JDS going full swing.
  19. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner

    That dude is almost as bad as Truex Jr meting out street justice to Jimmie at the ROVAL.
  20. IanMcVittie

    IanMcVittie Team Owner

    Unless the race sold out yesterday or today the ticket office.
  21. Pandaz3

    Pandaz3 Tire changer

    It is not next week
  22. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    What was "watered down"?
  23. KodiakRusty89

    KodiakRusty89 Team Owner

    I get Bills tickets for less than $20. Outside of a select few teams (Packers, Patriots, Eagles, Seahawks couple more) teams NFL tickets can be had pretty cheap. I can generally get pretty solid upper deck (between the 20s) Steelers tickets for $50-$75.

    Daytona and Bristol tickets are insanely expensive relative to the rest of the circuit. The Clash use to be 20 laps and drew very well. The fact it was the first competitive Cup race of the year made it an "event" in its own right.
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  24. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Actually you were attempting to speak for others when you said " nobody" cares what the other poster thinks. Also the " its obvious to all" part suggests that you were speaking for more than just yourself. You don't speak for me when you say those things, I speak for myself. BTW . I am not yer bud
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  25. rowdy3

    rowdy3 Team Owner

    Newspaper said 15k. believe last year was 20k. Arca had about 4k.
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  26. NASCAR Apologist

    NASCAR Apologist Team Owner

    It's called THE CLASH for a reason.
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  27. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

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  28. rowdy3

    rowdy3 Team Owner

    I paid $38 for mine on stub hub Thursday night. For the coke 400 I couldn't get free rolex lounge tixs so I paid $450 for 2 and these are $1200 each.
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  29. spindoc

    spindoc Team Owner

    Jimmie got a run. Menard came down to block. The air disturbed Menards car enough to turn him. It was a racing incident. Get over it.
  30. 2 Sweet

    2 Sweet Legend

    Most of the race was watered down. Literally :D
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  31. spindoc

    spindoc Team Owner

    So, he has some sort of influence over the sanctioning body because he’s a TV analyst? That’s a stupid statement.
  32. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Classic Florida.
  33. jaqua19

    jaqua19 Team Owner

    BobbyFord! I haven't been on this forum since the end of last season, and I gotta say I just chuckled seeing your username here.

    Good to see ya still active, with a new Avy. Hope you had a good New Year's man.

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  34. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    you got that right......bud, youre not
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  35. BobbyFord

    BobbyFord Resident Gearhead Contributor

    Thanks, I sincerely appreciate your post.
    I hope all is well with you.
  36. KTMLew01

    KTMLew01 Team Owner

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  37. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Team Owner

    It just didn't seem right watching Jimmy and Chad on different teams.
  38. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner

    “It’s called THE TRASH for a reason.” Feel free to use that in the marketing, for truth in advertising.

    This whole Daytona festival of meaningless racing to start the year has outlived its appeal.

    It should be showcasing the new season and rules in the top three series — instead it is stale and uninspired.
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  39. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner

    It didn’t seem right, watching Jimmie and Chad on the same team last year. Chad is a nagger, and Jimmie was looking for a new work-wife.

    Things change... :D
  40. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner


    Come out and enjoy the first big wrecks of the NASCAR Season! Watch teams junk expensive cars for a meaningless race...

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