Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

Ok. Screw Bowman. I don’t particularly like him either. In fact as a whole I still hate HMS, my guy just drives for them so I have to stomach it.
Screw Larson then too. They all suck..

There. It all makes sense now

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I'll say that as soon as you admit Larson was being a bad teammate last year, which you haven't done lol. "Racing deal" is all I heard from everyone.
If we can't say that neither Bowman or Larson was a bad teammate...

Then, yes, Larson was a bad inconsiderate teammate... What say you about Bowman there @AdoubleU24 ?

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Speaking of which, this is why I don’t buy the argument of Preece not meriting his spot. Short tracks are indicative of driving ability, and he’s shown flashes of what could be - without junk equipment - every time we’ve ventured to one of them.
A caution free race, a Buescher win...

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Really weird summer for those guys.

Ross disappeared for a few weeks after Darlington, dominated Nashville, and then dipped again.

Suarez gets further and further from the cut line each week.
Ross was leading the points earlier and is now down to 7th I believe.
That would be quite a storyline if full-season points were a thing.
25 laps left and the gerbils think the 9 and the 45 are still in it and they are about to get lapped. :dunce:
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