Storage building

Still slightly bumpy but better than it started. The "trim" on most of it is 2x4.


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Actually feel completely fine this morning. Ice is definitely way to go. Plus couple bananas. Feet were cramping bad. Frequently lack of potassium. Bananas is quick shot of potassium.
Still haven't found that switch. Thinking about starting a gofundme to pay for my shed construction. I figure $500,000.00 should get it finished. Only thing done today is one trip to grocery store for Dr Pepper, Dorito's, two white onions for omelets and a Partridge in a pair tree.
Finally found a guy "rebuilding" some planetary on YouTube. The pin isn't as tight a press fit as I expected. Looks like can possible scrounge up few sets and mix/match to make some good ones. Sonnex advertises a rebuild kit but currently out-of-stock. See the kits on eBay but really skeptical of anything over there.

What I really need to do is sit on my cash till spring. Wait and watch for bargains. Need a couple different press, big bushing driver set, punch/chisel set, parts washer, more room for storage, more trans cores and probably buy a toolbox of some sort.. But not likely to actually accomplish whole lot over the winter.
Ok. My focus will be on increasing storage space. While need tooling has to be a place to put it. I CAN enclose the porch for less than 100 bucks but not sure how much that gains me. Finding tons of used tranny parts cheap on ebay. Info I'm finding from builders is, most just replace worn parts with other 1/2 worn-out parts. Hopefully one in my truck won't explode before spring.
Thinking just bite the bullet and add 16 feet. Then have 26 foot long building. Possibly add another section to porch for room for exercise equipment. BowFlex is 7' 4" tall. And at least that much floor space too. Why they for-sale everywhere cheap. Really bulky.
Final eye exam with regular eye doc. They tried to sell me a just under 1000 dollar pair OF READING GLASSES!

I ain't that dumb. Ordered a pair of progressive from Amazon. 7 day trial before you pay @35ish dollars. There are lots even cheaper than that. I really can just keep doing what been doing. Have some 12 buck bifocal safety glasses and some 7-12 dollar reading glasses. They all work to slightly varying degrees.

The Amazon theoretically have two areas of magnification below the clear upper part. So trifocal ish. Be here tomorrow morning, Week to test them.. Medicare Advantage Plan pays 450 bucks toward glasses. My out-of-pocket for transitions...468 bucks on top of the 450. Holy crap.

Looked at 10 x16 lofted barn at local sales place. $217 bucks gets it in the yard and set-up. Then 200ish month for 3 years. Ummmm? 7K for a shed? Nope. Gotta make myself wait, $1200 or so to buy materials to build it myself.
Amazon lost the glasses. Getting to be a regular occurrence. Out-for-delivery at 8:36am, then about hour later...your shipment has been delayed. Six messages since saying it's...ummmmm...we don't don't know where when what it is. We'll get back to you when we figure it out.
Ordered a cheap 1 ton arbor press to remove/replace bushings. Hopefully be strong enough. Buying another transmision core tomorrow for 100 bucks. Hopefully it's not completely killed. 2003 model 2wd. Would have prefered a 4wd so have the parts to build either. Only difference is rear main shaft and output housing. I can just buy those if find the need.

Looks like need to get the plastic to enclose porch too.
Hazzard Fright has both the hammer/tacker stapler & the clear plastic sheeting. Can buy both for about half of Lowes or Amazon price. Maybe get two of the sheeting. CHEAP!


Hi gail,
Your Amazon package is out for delivery and will arrive by this evening.
If you prefer, you can add delivery instructions.

If you click the tracking in this message says will be delivered by 6PM TOMORROW! Really doesn't matter. I just think it's kinda funny. They have no idea what's going on. Theoretically left Durham hour or so ago. Ain't no way it getting here tonight.
So...tomorrow buying trans core for 100 bucks & a new parts washer for 100 bucks. Then need to put my debit card in a tub of water and put in the freezer till next month.


Shipped with Amazon​

Tracking ID: TBA773009477000​

Friday, November 3

7:36 PM Package being processed at carrier facility.
Durham, US

7:33 PM Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Durham, US

6:36 PM Package is out for delivery.
Durham, US

5:42 PM Package being processed at carrier facility.
Durham, US

5:36 PM Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Durham, US

4:09 PM Package being processed at carrier facility.

9:30 AM Package delayed in transit

9:30 AM Package delayed in transit

8:36 AM Delivery appointment scheduled

Carrier picked up the package.

Been getting worse & worse last few months. I already started return process. But have to actually get the package so can return. Screw it.
Glasses delivered few minutes ago. Neighbors dog, which I call security system, woke up everything in 2 mile radius. Have the glasses on my face. Seems to work fine. Driving couple different directions after stuff so will be good test.
I give them a 9.654678. 34 bucks. Landlord tried them. Said same as his 300ish dollar eye doc pair.


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One transfusion. Probably won't be able to resist tearing it down today. Need to spend several hours moving **** around to make space. Maybe go buy some 2x2 & 2x4 and build more shelving.


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Apparently the T-50+ Torx bit for bellhousing & the house electrical switch eloped. Ordered another bit. 10 bucks. Messed around for good couple hours, got essentially nothing done except put first trans in a tote.
Found the Torx bit. Searched all night long. My brain I searched with my closed eyes. Suddenly, the light bulb came on. It was the neighbors porch light though!

Actually dawned on me that Torx bit was in magnetic parts tray I'd dumped into the tote with other trans. It were laying right on top of the pile.

By brain was sleep fatigued big time yesterday. Neighbors dog was barking all night Think after a cat that likes to sleep under the shed. Was barking/circling shed 15 feet from bedroom window. Then Amazon showed up at 5:30AM which cranked him up again. I went to bed in my clothes last evening. Of course was so tired/aggravated didn't sleep all that great. But I'll survive.

Dog barking at something right now...
Still not feeling 100%. Not sure what's happening. But watching YouTube isn't very strenuous. They found a substitute so won't be carrying tires in Cup Championship race. Hate to miss it but wouldn't be fair to team.

I miss my 3/8" impacts. Like a dummy let everything go when sold tools. Should have kept either the Milwaukee cordless or the Snap-On air impact. Likely gonna go for Hazzard Fright 3/8 Air impact. 70 bucks. There are some even cheaper but with HF, when it breaks, take it back. Easy-peezy.

Also need some 12v battricities for the Milwaukee drill I kept. Considered an 18v 3/8 but they all nearly 200 bucks to lay here getting cobwebs.
Didn't get anything accomplished today. Made several attempts but nothing worked out. Was looking for a 15 gallon steel drum to build parts washer with the sink. Make it a dry sump system. Like that idea. That way cleaning solution is contained in a sealed container. Basically got attitude from 4 different shops because I was wasting their time. Or that's the way I took it. They weren't 100% incorrect but come-on people. Help the old guy out. Nope.

Decided to try a different direction. Went to ReStore looking for a countertop with hole for sink. Had one. 2" thick granite, at least 8 foot long, WITH double bowl sink. Probably weighed 500lbs. Nope. Found TWO on FB Marketplace. Sent "is this still available" message to closest one and within 30 seconds got YES reply along with "Are you interested? YES! Where/When can I pick it up?

Silence. Muted the convo. I gots no patience with that shat. How did they answer initially in under 30 seconds then disappear? IDK?

Next one. Messaged and still never heard a thing.

Went to 3 pawn shops looking for cheap 3/8 air gun. One had 4 air guns. All right at 200 bucks. Nope. New is 50-75 bucks for semi-junk that will do me just fine. Came home and ordered tacker hammer stapler and an air blow gun from Amazon. Wasn't in the mood to stumble around Lowes and decided didn't want the cheapo stapler from Hazzard Fright. Will be here Thursday cause I figured why the rush. Am going to enclose the porch so can remove the ugly tarps.
Get 30x18 movers dolly from Hazzard Fright and build a framework for the sink from 2x4. I like things on casters. Oddly enough...this was the plan month ago.
Wake reStore has bunch of old cabinets. None have top but guess I have plywood to make one. Or suppose could just carve hole in wobbly bench in shed?🤪 Add casters and be marvelous.


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Picked up a cheap cart for 25 bucks. Didn't realize they are so cheap new. Probably buy another next month. Only bought couple things while at HF.


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Poked around the septic tank of a shed/porch and not sure what I accomplished. Plan is to accumulate lumber to expand shed and possibly even add some to porch for room/height for BowFlex. Swapped bench locations. Moved OSB from shed to porch. Now when I buy some dimensional lumber, can put on bench on porch. Gonna be maybe six 12 footers and a bunch of 2x4, some treated, most just regular studs. Likely last purchase will be the treated 3/4 plywood for flooring. EXPENSIVE!😳 50ish a sheet! Ouch. Ummm? Forgot the 9ish sheets of siding too. Siding will be last purchase. Gonna be I guess 4 x 300? Then have to hire someone to do the roof unless I can build/rent scaffolding. I can't work on a ladder safely.


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Probably buy some pallets for floor to build a section where the step ladder is leaned against trailer. Maybe add 8 foot to porch/roof? "Floor" will be about foot lower than porch. That'll give the height needed for Bowflex (7' 6"ish). Roof will be 8" 6" or something along there.

Spun bench around in shed. Like it better against back wall. Having it on casters makes it nice. Will do that to other one too once get cranked up to build in the spring.
Bought 200 bucks more trans tools from Amazon. Have to get them eventually. Be here next week. Need probably another $200 worth before it's all done. Going to build a vacuum test rig for the valve body. Sonnax wants nearly 300 bucks for it. Think can use an AC regulator with very minor mods.

Valve body wear is what causes most transmission failures.
Couldn't pass it up. 60 bucks hour'ish away. Need to build a dolly of sorts as like having stuff that can be moved.


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Couldn't pass it up. 60 bucks hour'ish away. Need to build a dolly of sorts as like having stuff that can be moved.
I used to love my Safety Kleen solvent washer. Then California outlawed that solvent because it was killing whales, puppies and trees. You can’t even buy mineral spirits in California anymore.
I used to love my Safety Kleen solvent washer. Then California outlawed that solvent because it was killing whales, puppies and trees. You can’t even buy mineral spirits in California anymore.
The mineral spirits I've found in NC is 35ish bucks gallon. OUCH! Found 5 gallon container of ??????? from Tractor Supply for 50 bucks.

Having trouble pulling the trigger on a drum dolly @ 50 bucks. I mean...casters gonna be 25 so...I just want the base wider than normal dolly. Tempted to build something from treated 2x6 & 2x4 & plywood. Maybe 30"x30"? Plus the dollies I've seen use fairly small dia wheels. Rather use something little larger like on my workbench. I'm overthinking again...
No way can build something better out of wood and save any money. I'd like to build it so drum is only inch or so off ground. Have the "feet" offset & raised up. I'll think some more.

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