Storage building

Making progress. Have to wait for the Sun to move across as can't see ****. Struggling to get band anchor to pop out. The round pin is the anchor. Lightly pressed into case. Kinda wishing had done reverse on cataract surgery. Make it so can see from 6 feet back to my nose. They made it so driving is much easier but having to put glasses on/off is aggravating.


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Don't know what happened to that video. Whatever. Have mine almost all apart. Not good. But when you buy something that wasn't working properly they don't know, or likely won't tell you EXACTLY what was wrong with it. He said no reverse. It's been apart before and "rebuilt" which isn't a big surprise. Apparently didn't have the Teflon ring sizers. It ate one on the pump stator. Bunch of bushings crapped out. Drum has been assaulted with a buffing wheel. Not good. So far nothing is reusable that matters. Oh well. Waiting for snap ring pliers to get rest apart.


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One where I'm showing off my beautiful index finger, that groove ain't supposed to be there. The first is the drum they buffed with something. I haven't opened the pump to see if just cheaper to buy a complete pump because bushings have allowed drum to contact stator. Probably.
When Sun was over the glare off oily linoleum was blinding. Better now. This drum goes on where the Teflon ring is melted. Fubar.


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USPS screwed me. Trailer park 16 partition box. Put package in wrong one. Now waiting for an honest neighbor to bring it to me. It's useless for anything BUT removing a certain type of snap ring and not worth stealing. $12.69. I could go down the street to auto parts store and get a pair but it's cold and raining. Plus not gonna find anything good deeper in trans anyway.
Just occurred to me, if MAGA neighbor 4 trailers down get it, I'll never see it. They'll throw it in trash. Belligerently ignorant. And proud of it. Won't even look at me. I speak to them every time I see them out just make them mad again.
Struck out at both parts stores. Both say it's in stock. Nope. Only pliers missing in the display at both places is the pliers I need. This type of thing is why i buy from Amazon. Guess WILL wait till Monday to see if they show up then just order another pair when they don't.
Neighbor brought me the pliers. Can't get snap ring off output shaft. Spent close to an hour messing with it. For one thing my close up vision is a problem. Finally got a trouble light set-up so could see better but just can't get it. Tempted to take it to trans shop and just donate it to them. Just save up the money to order one when I need it.

Feeling pretty defeated.
Bet you can't see it. The screwdriver is between the ends of snap ring. I've seen trans guys spend several SECONDS getting them off. Yep. Seconds. Getting old sucks.


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Had zip ties thru planetary hoping could pull it off if got ring expanded enough. No joy. Have output shaft strapped forward to take load off snap ring. Probably need better pliers.
Installing it. Much easier than getting it hooked with pliers so you can get it off. Tips of pliers want to go in splines. I'll get it eventually. Back got tired.

Modified the pliers and got it did. Glad only paid 50 bucks for this one as not much in it any good. I wonder how much they pay the person that sharpens everything?🤪 Every surface you touch has a razors edge. OUCH?😉😳😉 Did find some info about the input drum probably being OK. Has a groove from reverse steel plate rubbing it due to bushing be a sagging. That clutch is only used for reverse so not super critical. If I can find a better drum for say 50 bucks I'll change it. Assuming I even build this transmission. Starting to think might be better off just rebuilding one in my truck. Can get parts shipped to my door. Food Lion is about mile round trip to walk. Not likely to buy another junk one hoping to find good parts in it. $200 and up for most. Make more sense to spend that money on new parts. My trans might outlast me anyway.
Only thing found "wrong" with it, besides the bushing wear, is the melted Teflon ring. Rest was expected worn planetaries and stuff. Think have good case & output shaft. That's about it.


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Amazon & eBay have cheap sets of planetaries. But if a Chinese part explodes and ruins everything, how much did you save? I'll talk to some local shops and see what's available that's decent quality. Not looking to bust out impressive 60 foot times. Whole reason mine is still going with 288K. Really tempted to just pull mine out and go thru it. The 50 dollar one was a fairly cheap practice piece. Have till first of the month to really start thinking about it. Probably wait till spring? I'd really like to have one built and setting under the bench. Only be down a day swapping it if not raining/snowing or really cold.

Crazy to me fluid will be 100ish dollars. OUCH!
Ordered a "different brand" pair of pliers from Amazon. Oddly enough, even though seemingly identical, one of these knock-offs is better than the other. Pliers that just showed up are essentially same as the ones I used a file to to modify the tip. What happens when a good tool gets knocked-off enough times. Tolerance stack-up creates junk. Like I really needed two pairs of these...first set were 12.69, second 9.99. The 9.99 are the good version. Guarantee came out of same factory. Maybe a Monday & Friday deal?
Turns out he didn't mention/discuss reusing steel plates. From what I've found, it's just common sense. If they blue, throw them away. If they warped, throw them away. If get the picture. Same as we did back in the day with motorcycle clutch. Need to call Transtar and see if they sell to general public. Might save some bucks buying locally.
Think mainly buy some special tools next payday. Tempted to buy a repair kit for valve body separator plate, aluminum accumulator pistons, valve body gaskets & something brain just threw a fatal error. CRASHED!

Maybe put the above, plus whatever I forgot, in my truck and see if it firms up the shifts? Can use all the parts in "new" trans later. Also some o-rings for solenoids and block off PWM TCC valve. Idea is to eliminate internal fluid leaks. Old school fix was put few ounces of Brake Fluid in. Swells/softens the o-rings & seals. Also makes disassembly difficult.

Probably leave it well enough alone.
For those that have an interest in how a trans is assembled, and all the parts, here you go. Early version of my trans with one piece case. You don't have to watch all 2.5 hours in one shot. Love how calm this guy is and he's not terribly pedantic about everything. Great info though. Interesting he mentioned tearing the sealing ring which affects reverse. Exactly what happened to the one I bought for a core.

Just realized need to reverse my poor man's gantry crane. Make more sense to slide it down entry of porch. Basically center it on porch. Have a ramp can slide anything from truck onto porch using movers dolly. Only need the hoist to get it on bench. Considering enclosing the porch. Can't have unistrut sticking out. Neighbor encloses theirs for winter with heavy clear plastic. I'd like to also use the 2" foam 4x8 slabs but 25 bucks each. Would need 8ish as porch is14x8ish. But wouldn't be close to air tight as floor is slat style but is underpinned.

I'm thinking. What is the smell? Something is burning...
Finally semi finished the wiring on porch. Do I need 4 outlets. Nope. Just seemed like thing to do. Now can easily plug in battery tender for my Walmart battery pick up.


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Next need to drill couple holes in walls of shed for 3/8" eye bolts to pull walls in. With as much as the roof is sagging the walls have to be pushed out. Use come-a-long and floor jack to maybe take the swayback out. Add gussets to rafters. Only has about 3"x3" mending plates tying them together. Hopefully get new barn style roof next summer.

I'm thinking if enclose porch, move spare OSB, have 10-12 sheets, to porch. Make some room in shed so can work. Put small propane heater in so can work all winter if mood hits me. Have 100lb tank & regulator. That way I could also keep scrounging up more building materials to expand shed and store them on porch. If looking at porch picture above, not an optical illusion that shed roof has close t 6inches sag.
Need to weld the loops on the eye bolts. Jacking it up is the better solution. Have to just jack up each rafter, screw a gusset to each side, then move to next one. Plan all along was to slice gable wallboard/A section and use jack to remove roof basically all in one piece when extend shed. I think. Tomorrow is another day.


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Gonna revamp the porch wiring to add a switch to one side of an outlet for lights. Talked myself out of it but needs to be done. Love WAGO connectors. Makes wiring much easier/quicker to change. Need a sealed flexible conduit fitting for box anyway. Should get several and more flexible conduit to seal everything. We shall see.
Got all fired up to install the switched circuit and can't figure-out what I did with the switch. Think took to shed but I CAN'T FIND IT! Nailed box to ceiling/rafter and just put everything away. In shed. In ONE pile. Have 14/3 to do it all code friendly and all. Just can't lay my hands on the damn switch i had YESTERDAY!

I'm afraid what's a gonna happen, instead of buying more stuff for transmission now, gonna buy some 2x4's and change roof on shed. Only issue will be finding somebody to actually climb up and DO IT. Man my knees knock together above about 3 feet.


Nothing to see here.gif
Being completely unorganized is getting on my last nerve. Barn roof will allow for lofts. Can move bunch of stuff off floor. LET'S DO THIS THING!!!
Even though it's mostly waste of time, gonna make 5ish gussets/grommets/scabs or whatever the H I'm trying to think of to keep roof at more appropriate angle. Just in case we get a freak 6 inch snow. She's getting awful close to flat in the middle. Easy enough to fix ish. Only question is will the circular saw blade, I chopped a structural screw with couple days ago, still cut plywood?🤪Think I killed it.


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Or like the 21 inched that fell in January of 2000. Our welsh corgis were buried and we had to shovel a path for them to get out and sniff. Quite a surprise for a guy who just relocated to NC from NJ and figured the deep snow was a thing no more. That much snow would bend a roof.
For once my Amazon addiction paid off. Had a blade hanging on the wall. Makes my cheap junk saw run like new. Tried piece of plywood and didn't get much benefit. Have bunch of cut-off from porch rafters so figured why not. Ugly and didn't get it as straight as I wanted but whatever. Really needs all the trim removed and probably 4 cables with turnbuckles run across wall-to-wall. My guess is since it's all nailed together it's basically pushed apart. Once the roof is removed I'll do just that to get it all squared back up. Next spring maybe. And that one little piece of plywood is radioactive. Or something. It attacked my hand instantly. ANTS!😳🤪😳🤪😳


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