What should NASCAR do with Qualifying?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Turtle84, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Turtle84

    Turtle84 Team Owner

    After "the show" that was qualifying @ Texas today and Fontana 2 weeks ago, what does everyone think they should do with qualifying?

    I don't see returning to single car as anything I'd be overly excited to watch with "the package" parachute amount of downforce. Even though it would legitimize the process. So, NASCAR has really backed themselves into a corner here imo.

    Personally, I like the idea of turning qualifying into an entire practice session, and assigning positions based on top 10 consecutive lap average.

    What does everyone else think?
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  2. 2 Sweet

    2 Sweet Legend

    Single car. No reason for anything else.

    I preferred single car qualifying for a number of reasons. There's nothing "boring" about it IMO.
  3. Larsonfan1995

    Larsonfan1995 Team Owner

    They'd wait till the end of that too and go out in a pack. That's what will happen with any form of group qualifying.
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  4. Fordracing7

    Fordracing7 2018 Pick em Champion

    This is the answer....I'm fine with the top 12 deal but I think we should do exactly what they do at plate tracks.
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  5. pjmolo

    pjmolo Director of driver attitude adjustments . . .

    After the fuster-cluck qualifying sessions that have taken place, how 'bout we just fugetabout qualifying all together and line them up on race day every week as if qualifying had been rained out, with the points leader on the pole.

    This thing needs to be put out of its misery already.
  6. Simple Fan

    Simple Fan First or Last

    Just adopt All Star race qualifying to every race.
  7. bigspud

    bigspud Team Owner

    just make them qualify using only reverse gear.
    could get more people warching than sunday race.
  8. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    Revolutionary and very outside-the-box since NASCAR can't simply tell these people to roll off pit road as soon as they leave the box:

    Send each car out one-by-one for a 2 lap qualifying run and start the fastest guy first and the second fast guy starting second and so on.

    This format has created fiascos upwards of 10 times between the national series and they still decide to change only the very arbitrary rules like assigning pit road speeds but allowing the cars to sit on pit road for 8 minutes at a time.

    It's dumb looking and impossible to follow once they all finally move with 45 seconds to go.
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  9. Turtle84

    Turtle84 Team Owner

    I wouldn't mind single car as it would simplify and legitimize. Just not crazy about it with this package. Now, if they want to return the horsepower and reduce the blade, then bring it on. Seeing them firmly planted is just killing me.

    You bring up a good point of them waiting until the end of the session. If it's held past the hottest time of day, then ya that's a problem, where they'd have to reduce the Qualifying session time down to 30 minutes total, then if you want to run the risk of not getting 10 laps in, or having someone get in your way then go for it, same rule if you don't get 10 consecutive laps in, then you start in the back. Get the first run in, come in cool down, then fire off again. Probably 2 total. Or wait for 1 only, not sure that would be beneficial or worth the risk, but maybe. I think we would get cars on track for that, if not then reduce total time of session to 20 minutes.

    As far as the draft, this Texas qual was the most I've seen the draft come into play on a 1.5, even more than Fontana. I haven't seen where they've been able to run 10 consecutive for benefits though, at least not yet. I think you would have to get into a pretty fortunate position out there to make that work. Maybe if you caught a group of cars or something, if you're just running behind at some point you'd have to back out, or pass the guy. From what I've seen the draft is in play for about 2-3 laps before your handling starts kicking in. But yes, it's not going to be a true clean air speed test.
  10. Turtle84

    Turtle84 Team Owner

    QFT it is absolutely impossible to follow once they all get out there, the cameras are scrambling.
  11. jws926

    jws926 Nissan Is Love, Nissan Is Life

    This right here, qualifying doesnt need to be a gawd damn show, its just to set starting line up after all.
  12. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I suspect single-car is dead; the networks want Q to happen in a one-hour window. I'm not sure how that method 'legitimizes' the results over any other. A 'legitimate' qualifying session is the one specified in the rules. Traditional doesn't equal legitimate.

    Don't even have a qualifying session. Give 'em three practices. The fastest 10-lap run in any of the sessions goes first. When all the cars that ran ten are slotted, go to those that ran nine. Slap a three-minute time limit on how long you can sit on pit road. After that, you either start a run down pit road at a minimum speed, say 70% of max, or go back to the garage.

    Or let 'em pick a Q slot based on their fastest practice speed. When it's your turn, you have 30 seconds to get off pit road and run a specified number of laps. Doesn't matter how many other cars are out there, you go or go to the rear. Not that going to the rear makes much difference in a draft race.

    Remember, the Gen 7 is coming and may require additional changes down the road.
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  13. Snappy D

    Snappy D 2017 Pick Em Champion 2018 Bold Predictor

    Back to Single car. It’s the easiest and only way
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  14. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    You could just line them up according to points on the track with a rolling start as they do the race but line them up in reverse order. Two groups of 20 cars run 25 laps. Then a third group of the top 10 made up from both races and they race 25 laps for positions 1-10.

    After typing this, I realize I was just describing Heat races like the old days. To make it real interesting they could pay points for the top 5 in each heat. :partytime
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  15. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner Contributor

    Any group format should abandon fastest Lap Time -- and use "First to the Finish Line" Heat Race rules to determine the Winner/s.

    There should be no incentive to running in the back of the field when multiple cars are on the track -- especially since this is no longer a true Time Trial, but a Pit-Cluster event.


    Shame on NASCAR Suits for not "thinking it through" -- they are stubbornly showing their ass...
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  16. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    With France being in charge, you can now understand why Brian looked so stupid.
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  17. IanMcVittie

    IanMcVittie Team Owner

    I would do a bunch of fun things to establish qualifying order. One week the drivers have a demo derby, next week a hot dog eating contest, the week after a video game tournament. It would be a lot of fun and cut costs.
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  18. Ventisca

    Ventisca Team Owner Contributor

    Yup, make it theme-based for the track.

    Martinsville Hot Dog eating contest
    Vegas -- Poker tournament
    Texas -- Rodeo Cowboy (Bull) Poker
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  19. DIDIT

    DIDIT Old School Fan

    Qualifying only open to the 36 charter teams.

    Round 1 - Random draw of three cars standing start at start/finish line race one lap. The 12 winners proceeds to round 2.
    Round 2 -Three cars standing start at start/finish line race one lap. The four winners proceed to round 3.
    Round 3 - Helmet dash of four laps to determine pole.

    All losers line up based on qualifying time from their session.

    Actually, I think it would be interesting and quite a challenge to see the drivers get a launch and run through their gears. Remember NASCAR is in the entertainment business. :)
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  20. Nitro Dude

    Nitro Dude Hauler Driver and Cylinder Head Maintenance

    I think it would be an epic loss for the fans if they took away qualifying. Even the way they are doing it now is better then no qualifying at all imo. I actually find the chess game they are playing a little interesting... it can be utter chaos trying to get on the track.:)
  21. Pat

    Pat Team Owner

    I still prefer the cars line up by speed. That can only happen with single car qualifying.
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  22. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    Take the average of practice speeds and standings and make the cars go out in that order.

    In rounds two and three they average it again.

    Or random draw and cars have to go out immediately and in that order.
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  23. Revman

    Revman Stop asking me about the package!

    Single car. Order determined by Practice speed. Thank you, and have a nice day. #Easy
  24. joe h

    joe h Team Owner

    None of the 30 some drivers know the importance, or even know how, to put on a show, and quite frankly, I won’t shed a tear when any of them announce their retirement.
  25. JBone88

    JBone88 JR Nation's last ride

    How about we cut all the melodrama and gimmicks. One car goes out at a time. 2 laps. Fastest lap gets the pole.

    Radical concept i know. But it worked for 50 years before the suits decided we needed a “show”.
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  26. *WEAVER*

    *WEAVER* Team Owner

    Put me down for single car qualifying by practice speeds as well, that was my favorite qualifying sessions, and made it pretty entertaining to watch.
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  27. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Laugh out freaking loud.
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  28. Bigpaulie1979

    Bigpaulie1979 Tire changer

    Pit selection based on posts, ie #1 selects 1st pit stall

    Abandon qualifying as we know it and start race 1st in posts starts at the rear, second in points is second last to start etc.
  29. superchuck500

    superchuck500 Team Owner

    Yesterday I watched qualifying for the first time in years (mostly because I’m usually busy and just follow the results on the app). As messed up as it seems from a “this is chaos and dumb” standpoint, I actually enjoyed it.

    Nascar doesn’t make them sit on pit road. That’s all on the teams because they think it gives them an advantage. Maybe it doesn’t - the 41 certainly made them look ridiculous last night. Nascar has a procedure that makes sense in theory. If they want to try to game it that way, that’s on them.

    I don’t really care, single car quals is fine by me. But maybe this isn’t as bad as it looks. Sure it needs tweaking. They can’t block pit road like what happened to Bowyer - that has to be changed. But maybe the overall format isn’t that bad, let’s see where this goes.
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  30. pjmolo

    pjmolo Director of driver attitude adjustments . . .

    Yeah, I agree it's exceeding dumb but what we're seeing now is right up there with it.

    I've read that part of the objection to single car qualifying is the cost involved in preparing a car for just a qualifying run (as opposed to race trim) and also the time spent in cars making individual runs.

    Granted, it's more time consuming but how 'bout we make them do single car qualifying in race trim by impounding the cars immediately after qualifying.

    It's done already at some races, no ?
  31. IanMcVittie

    IanMcVittie Team Owner

    I like it a lot!
  32. Spotter22

    Spotter22 Team Owner

    Stay in your pit till you are ready to qualify, when your tires move you cannot stop and must be accelerating up to minimum pit road speed set according to the track.
  33. wi_racefan

    wi_racefan Crew Chief

    Single car qualifying is the same as group to me seeing that I don't watch it no matter what the format is. Qualifying has kinda lost my interest being that they can't even get a full field. It's no longer qualifying it's just ordering.

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  34. Turtle84

    Turtle84 Team Owner

    That is the best solution I've heard to force them into race trim, and thwart the argument that it's "too expensive" for single car. I think NASCAR used that as their legitimate excuse for making the move to group qualifying with ulterior motives.

    Copy paste from the Texas pre-race thread:

    The biggest question for me on the impound in race trim idea, is if practice and qualifying are on Friday teams might give up that practice to sneak their qualifying stuff on, and then worry about race trim on Saturday's 2 practices. I'm not sure NASCAR would be able to keep them from doing that effectively. Mandating no tape would be the easy part.
  35. ToyYoda

    ToyYoda Team Owner

    Same here, I haven’t watched a qualifying session other than for the Daytona 500 in quite some time. It’s not really “qualifying” if everybody who shows up qualifies. It’s more an “order setting” session now.
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  36. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Let the drivers draw their spot before the race, give up on the shittshow.
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  37. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    I don't think this style of qualifying is going to work when cars can draft and qualify higher.. I would like to see single car with the ghost car, shadow car or whatever they call it
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  38. ReturnTrip

    ReturnTrip Team Owner

    Top 16 in points qualify on time, set the rest of the field by points.

    That would be an extra perk for the 16 playoff qualifiers and extra incentive for those on the bubble to do better.

    The qualifying session would be your typical two lap, single-car, style with no additional gimmicks. Fans in attendance would get to see the fastest cars on track and those watching on TV wouldn't have to wait all day as it would take maybe 30/45 minutes. Some of the smaller teams might also save money not needing to worry about qualifying 30th every week.
  39. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    What do you do when 41 cars show up?
  40. ReturnTrip

    ReturnTrip Team Owner

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