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  1. joe h

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    About damn time, hopefully they actually use it. And in the future start rearranging the schedule to get historically wet races(Bristol, summer Daytona, atlanta, pocono) to drier calendar dates.
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    If you want younger fans, you have to give them something they can relate to. Having cars that don't resemble anything they can buy, to get their feet wet (so to speak) is not going to attract them. There is nothing wrong with their attention span. They give things the attention they think it deserves. They think that watching something they can't have, doesn't deserve their attention. So unless NASCAR is willing to go back to stock body cars, (like GT cars, Global Rallycross cars, and Drifting cars) NASCAR is wasting their time.
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  3. The posts detailing Nascar's successes are hilarious.
  4. blue92

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    I still think NA$CAR needs for this to be a real playoffs they need to remove cars from the track. If your a car owner and you need your car out there for your sponsors then run up front.
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  5. Blister

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    NASCAR has certain issues. One I suppose would be the cars. In the majority of races on the 1 1/2 - 2 mile tracks seem to have little excitement with the exception of restarts. Seems as if the first four, or five, cars seem to hit the setup to varying degrees, spread out and seem to ride to the next stage. But the cars aren't the only issue. Ticket prices would be at the top of the list. It costs a fortune for someone to take their family to a race this day and time. Much easier just to stay home and watch on the big screen and not spend money one can't afford. Oddly enough, TV ratings are down. Combine that with the stands only being 1/2-3/4 full and you have a massive problem. Then you have the young drivers coming into the sport. You don't seem to have any kids that work their way up like in the old days. They all either come from families that can buy them a ride, or have connections to sponsorship that buys the ride most times over a more deserving driver. NASCAR has some real problems. And sooner or later the TV contracts are going to reflect that and then you have really killed the goose that laid the golden egg. But over all of this I think NASCAR made a huge mistake many years ago. They decided they were going to be as big as the big three sports. To that end, they decided to move from their roots and race all over the country. Often in places where folks could care less. I really do think that losing that regional, family type feel has hurt NASCAR more than even they realize
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    I believe you are correct that NASCAR sacrificed much of it's soul and character in it's pursuit of the Big Three Sports. NASCAR needs to follow the NHL's model: grow your base but stay inside the zone of fan comfort that defines your sport. Don't change your core to appeal to outsiders who will not care about the sport when the excitement of newness fades away. NASCAR went against all of that in the last decade and a half.
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    Totally agree, one of the reasons why I bought 2 T-Birds back in the 80s was because Bill Elliot drove and won in them. The body very much resembled what the show room car looked like. To be fair tho, most cars look very much alike, there isn't much distinguishing a Fusion, Camary, Malibu from each other.
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    I agree with most of what you said , but this thing about NASCAR being expensive is crazy.. have you ever looked at prices for other sports especially playoffs for others sports lol? Kids under age of 12 get in free don't they lol?? And tickets start at like 30 bucks that expensive in 2017?
  9. Nascar has more problems than you can shake a stick at but ticket pricing is not one of them.
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    The lack of sponsorships hurt alot because people were fans of company too
  11. There used to be a lot of people that intentionally patronized Nascar sponsors and I'm sure some people still do. I have always done my own thing and purchased the product that represents the best overall value to me.
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    Speaking of NFL tickets, don't forget the whole personal seat license scam. Also, if it costs $50 to park for Rams games at the decrepit LA Coliseum, I can only imagine what it costs to park at other stadiums.
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    Last time I went, it was $30 to park at MetLife Stadium. I heard it was $100 to park in Dallas. I hope some Texan can prove me wrong. If not, that's ridiculous.
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  15. Snappy D

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    i.jpg and this picture of our boy Brian really cracks me up.
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  17. There will be someone that spins it into being something good just like PIR selling naming rights makes everything peachy with Nascar. I could not make this stuff up.

    I was always told never to judge a book by its cover but there are always exceptions and this picture is one of them.

    Did you hear that PIR sold naming rights and that some corp is now the official weather company of Nascar? Does it get any better than this?
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    That would suit me just fine cos once I got hooked into the NFL, the season is so short that I can't afford to miss a week's viewing. I can't access NASCAR live anyway, so have to catch it later in the week :(
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    That would not suite me at all, I hate stick and ball sports, and I watch all the races live. Why are you not able to watch the races live?, but its sounds like you can watch the NFL live, is because you dont have cable/sat TV?
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  21. Wowzers.....sponsoring a pole for a race is pretty big doins!
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    Looks like he moonlights at Sears as Santa during the Christmas season
  23. Howdy Doody....... but wait....... Howdy Doody was a lot more handsome and likeable........
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    # FakeNews
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    I believe Walgreens was on Truex's car, don't know if they are contributing to both teams

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    Empty seat counters report.
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    Howdy Doody didn't need to stand so close to a wall
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  30. Excellent point!!!!!!!!!
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    I totally disagree. Stage racing has forced drivers to go all out throughout the race as they race for points. It’s made it much more exciting beginning to end. Now look what excitement it has created in the playoffs. As to that the healthy mix of veterans and young guns and you have yourself a great series.
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    I agree, except for the dumb ass made up cautions at the end of stage 1 and 2! :mad:
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    I don't think teams understood the whole bonus points thing at the beginning of this year. In the playoffs it makes a huge difference so the intensity has certainly picked up. Next year will be intersting to see how teams react at the beginning of the year.

    As a fan, I don't like it because it is damn near impossible to figure out how many points a driver gets for each race. I'm not even sure I know what the maximum number of points are that a driver can earn in a race or how far in front of 2nd place that puts him. Also, the fact that you can win the Daytona 500 and not be in first place in the standings is terrible. Plus the forced cautions has crippled strategy this year and made the road course races almost unbearable to watch.
    But different strokes for different folks.
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  35. dpkimmel2001

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    RCR secures new sponsor for Ryan Newman's 2018 run

    Liberty National Life Insurance will partner with Richard Childress Racing for 2018.
    The McKinney, Texas-based insurance company will serve as the primary sponsor for Ryan Newman and the No. 31 team for a limited number of races next season.

    "Liberty National Racing (#LNLRacing) is excited to continue in NASCAR in 2018 with Richard Childress Racing, Ryan Newman, and the No. 31 crew," said Steve DiChiaro, president of Liberty National's Agency Division in the release. "Liberty National has sustained its place in the industry since 1900 because of the relentless pursuit of excellence by our independent agents and agency owners who help build our organization, give back to local communities where we have offices, and service our customers.
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  37. JBone88

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    Roush losing a sponsor? Water is wet?
  38. RCR gave Liberty the Velveeta discount at 175k per race......:D
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  40. Johali

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    Oh hell. You gotta find a new place to buy your tires @dpkimmel2001 . Ya can't be supporting Brad K. :eek:
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