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  2. Kiante

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    He's accomplished everything in trucks tbh, I've been saying for years Crafton and Sauter should be moved to the Xfinity series at least. As long as Crafton has Menards, he's set until he's ready to call it quits.
  3. FLRacingFan

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    I think he's generally an ass too but to pull out the rug from underneath someone with little to no warning like this is poor form on the part of GMS, I think.
  4. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    I'd love to see Ross wind up here. It doesn't look like there's a better full-time opportunity elsewhere at the national level.
  5. Ventisca

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    at least take Sauter to lunch

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  6. Biggreen695

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    Please be Moffit please be Moffit please be Moffit

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  7. Truex_rox

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    I was so sad to see the 42 Xfinity team shuttered so abruptly after all of the success and first-time winners it has produced, especially with it coming at Ross Chastain's expense. As much as I would love to see Moffitt back behind a competitive wheel, this opening is a blessing and could very well see Chastain make his way over to GMS. He's proven he can win, but I wouldn't say he is a known quantity yet. It would be awesome to see how well he can do in full-time, well-funded, title-winning machinery at the Truck level.
  8. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    I have to agree but if it is Chastain who gets the ride, I can see why it is so late in the game.
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  9. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Do I understand you to be saying that if Chastain was still going to be in the #42 X car, Sauter would still have a Truck ride?
  10. StandOnIt

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    I believe if you read what Sauter said, he heard the rumor he would be replaced at the banquet. Heck if I know. Jus saying for whatever reason Sauter was released, it would take a while to get Ross Chastain all contracted up and everybody reasonably happy. On the other hand Moffitt has been shopping himself around since the end of the season.
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  11. StandOnIt

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    a couple of news people are hinting Moffitt?

  12. StandOnIt

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    Sauter says they told him Moffitt is going in the truck.
  13. rd45usa

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  14. Formerjackman

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    There may be more to this than meets the eye, but on the surface it seems like a dick move to dump Sauter out of the ride in January with seemingly no warning. If his employment was contingent on them not finding somebody WITH money, then that would be different. It will be interesting what GMS has to say, if anything.
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  15. AuzGrams

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    Lame move by GMS.
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  16. JBone88

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    Chickenshit move by GMS. Why didn’t they make this move 3 months ago? Sauter is a champion and a top driver in that series and didn’t deserve to get ****** over like that.
  17. Ventisca

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    NASCAR is a ruthless culture. :)
  18. Kiante

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    Say that to Moffitt who got ousted after winning the championship. Or other guys who were dropped at the last minute. I wonder if it has more to do with Johnny himself?
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  19. Ventisca

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    Welcome to GMS Racing --

    Merry Christmas Sauter Family!

    Happy New Year Johnny!

    Now gtfo...
  20. StandOnIt

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    Yeah I don't think you can take Johnny's mouth out of the equation
  21. Turtle84

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    Not exactly gospel, but he for sure has the highest win pct based on number of races run.

    Wow at Harvicks numbers... don't remember that at all... the closerrr!
  22. Team Penske

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    The name of the game is to bring your own sponsor, after all every driver is private contractor.
    Sauter just didn't play the game well
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  23. tclarson

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    I don’t really think Moffitt was available three months ago (if they are going with him). It’s part of the business and they have an opportunity to get a champion that is way younger and probably demands less money so I can’t blame them. Nothing against Sauter but Moffitt was more impressive last year and has a better upside.
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  24. AdoubleU24

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    If track position is still going to be king then what have we accomplished?

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  25. StandOnIt

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  26. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Sounds like Chastain was never in the running in the first place. I have no objections to Moffitt, I just want to see Chastain wind up somewhere he can continue to improve on what we saw in the Xfinity #42 last year
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  27. StandOnIt

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  28. JBone88

    JBone88 JR Nation's last ride

    Neither of them should’ve been out of a ride. I’m happy Moffitt got picked up. But not at Sauter’s expense.

    Sounds like GMS is cutting their Truck program down quite a bit.
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  29. StandOnIt

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    yeah I think a little bit. GMS ran two full time trucks last year, Sauter and Haley. They are doing the same this year with the same affiliate Friesen. Coughlin, sponsored by dad's (JEGS) rich kid racer bailed after 18 races last year. Creed only ran 4 but did really well and is full time this year. GMS and Friesen are going to be a front runner team(s)
  30. Kiante

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    Johnny is an *******, but the man is talented as all hell. His passion for racing is fierce, we hear it on the radio all the time. Dude is truly quite the driver and a team that could use his talent is out there. Its unfortunate this has happened, it really sucks ass. If he had a sponsor like Crafton, he would not be in this situation.

    GMS is probably cutting down with Hayley leaving with his sponsor. Lost Sargent and Coughlin last year to sponsor woes as well.
  31. Kiante

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    Good to see, hopefully Roush can focus on building their sponsor catalog this year with focusing just on the Cup team. Newman is still backed by Coca-Cola as well, so that's a positive. Lets hope Newman and Stenhouse keeps this organization moving forward.

    Important details via Roush's press release:
  32. StandOnIt

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    Cody Coughlin didn't have sponsor woe, he was terrible. That is the PC story though. 1 top 5 in 53 races and He drove for Busch, Thorson, and GMS. Dad JEGS got tired of footing the bill. The JEGS company is his family.
  33. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    and so it begins. :D
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  34. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    All I wanna know is if we'll see a 'Race the Weinermobile' campaign, a la UPS. Get that little fat kid to say he's gonna hold his breath again.
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  35. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Newman is perfect for the promotion, too. "Ol' no neck is a wiener." comments are upon
  36. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Matt ran that scheme once last year, I think at Darlington. I gotta get off my butt and look for a die-cast from that race. I need a #6 to complete my collection of his Cup rides.
  37. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Cody was awful no doubt. I hope JEGS is interested in a return with a better driver.
  38. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Menards is the only business I've seen spread their money around beyond the family driver's car.
  39. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    A shame too. Would be cool to see Summit or JEGS on a car as a primary. John Menard should be appreciated in his love for racing with IndyCar, NASCAR, and being the primary for the ARCA series. Lets hope Paul continues the trend after he calls it quits.
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  40. Mark

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    Yeah, picking Suarez had to be all about sponsor $$. He was very mediocre in the 19 car.

    Some are saying he'll be like Logano and pick up his performance substantially after leaving JGR, but I have my doubts.

    Logano basically skipped the Busch/Nationwide/Xfinity Series and was only 19 when he started with JGR.

    Suarez had more seasoning when he joined JGR.

    We'll see.

    Stuart/Haas will welcome the ARRIS sponsorship $ and won't have to plaster HAAS on as many cars in 2019.

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